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The Little Boy (1)

Amy, CA, USA
January 2001

This is my first time writing about my experience. It is not a scary story, rather one that will probably make you smile.

First, a little background. My grandmother always told me not to be afraid of the unknown. When I was about 10 or so (about 13 years ago), she would know who was calling when her phone rang, keep in mind, there was no caller ID at that time. She would always know when something was wrong and would call when something happened to my younger brother or me.

Well, in 1996, she passed away from lung cancer. Strange things would happen in the years to come.

As she was going through chemotherapy, she of course lost her hair. A close friend of the family made her these "turbans". After she passed away, we gathered all the turbans and put them in a box, sealed it up and put it in the garage in the rafters. The turbans would show up on my bed, on the stairs and in the kitchen. We picked them up thinking it was a joke someone was playing on us, put them back in the box, and threw it in the dumpster. We moved and the turbans showed up in several different boxes.

The new house was full of spirits. There was one in particular that I saw almost every day. He was simply adorable. He is about 6 years old with blonde hair and a light complexion. I have named him Dominic. He is a very pleasant little boy.

We had a dog that used to run around the room chasing something. At first I thought the dog was crazy, but one day, the dog stopped dead in her tracks and was staring at the wall wagging her tail. I looked at the wall and saw him. I always thought the first time I saw a ghost I would be scared, but I was so at ease, I actually looked forward to seeing him. When I saw him, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and said Hello. He waved and continued playing with the dog. The funny thing is, is that the cats were afraid of him. Now, whenever the dog runs around the house, I always smile.

This may sound funny, but I lost a little boy about 6 years ago. I was 4 months pregnant and there were some problems. I had a miscarriage. I believe this is my little boy. I am moving on Jan 1, and I really hope he follows me!!

Amy, CA, USA
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