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The Little Boy (2)

January 2007

To this day, I try to figure out a logical explanation of what may have happened that evening of 1992 - but I can't find one.

I was only 10 years old when this happened. At that time, we were living in a fairly large apartment complex in the small city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
A country that is approximately the size of the state of Wisconsin.

It was just time for sunset and I was happily riding my red bike around in the complex despite of the fact that my mom had called for me twice to come home and I probably should've gone home by then. But I was young, and a proud bike owner. None of the other kids owned a bike like I did and I had to ride it all the time, even if it meant a few words from mom or no ice cream!

I was riding my bike along the sidewalk, with really a very few people walking by. And that's when I saw him. As I was riding the bike, he was maybe ten feet away from me. He was a little boy, about four feet tall, very dark skinned, fairly ordinary, he looked like someone who probably lived on the streets. (if you have lived in a third world county, you can easily distinguish between the rich, middle class and poor). I didn't know him, he definitely didn't live in the complex. He was looking straight at me, with a wide smile. He had bright white teeth and was wearing a bright white shirt. He was a pretty ordinary boy, but the whiteness of his teeth and the shirt was fairly, not ordinary, and to a level - abnormal.

At first I didn't think of it as anything, after all, he could be one of those kids, just happy to see a bike. I made a right turn right in front of him with a face without impression, a lot of the kids like my bike, big deal! He was still smiling, absolutely no change in the way he was standing or his facial impression, as if he was a statue with very lively eyes. The following things struck me in the next fifteen to twenty seconds.

Normally, a person starts smiling when you make contact with them. This boy didn't do that. What is the reason for his direct eye contact; kids of his age definitely didn't do that unless asked to. This little boy was totally creeping me out when I realized that he was standing again in front of me, about five feet away. I stood there, looked for him may be for 5 seconds. I considered myself not so bright but I was smart enough to understand that there was no way he could've ran (forget walking) that fast from his previous position to here. And most strikingly! He was standing in the same position, smiling the exact same way, as if someone had moved the statue from one place to another. I quickly made my U turn, peddled as fast as I could, went around the buildings, straight in front of our building and screamed on top of my lungs "maamoni!!" (mommy in Bengali, my language).

We lived on the 6th floor and I had lost all my courage to go upstairs all alone, afraid that the friendly, yet abnormal boy may be there with his bright white smile.

To this date, I've tried to come up with many reasons, trying to convince myself that I really didn't see this, or trying to find a logical explanation for this as I don't want to believe this is supernatural. I couldn't come up with one. How did he move that fast?

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