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The Little Boy (3)

Cate Gould, NS, Canada
September 2009

This happened to me when I was at the age of 13, I am 16 now.

Me and my family have just moved into a new built house in a small native reserve. it felt a bit scary being in a new house but I didn't think anything out of the ordinary.

Me and my sister shared a room and we had a bunk bed, I slept on the top and she slept on the bottom. Everything was going fine for the past few months until one night I got woken up. I looked over to where I get down the ladder to the floor. I saw a little boy in my face speaking to me. I didn't really understood him so I didn't reply back. He then disappeared so I shrugged It off thinking I was just having a dream.

I laid back down trying to get back to sleep. Not even 5 minutes later I wake up again to the little boy. He was nearly in tears and trying to pull me off the bunk bed. I didn't know what he was trying to tell me, so I sat up and when I sat up and smelled something burning. I got down off my bunk bed and left the room trying to found the smell. I checked all of the rooms including the scary basement that I never liked.

I went back to bed but didn't fall back to sleep. I just laid there for a few minutes when I heard crying coming from one of the rooms. I got back up and checked the whole house again, Still I didn't find anyone crying. I thought this kid was playing games on me. So I sat on my bed and stared in the mirror we had that came with the long dresser. I saw in the corner of it the little boy crying. I looked over beside the dresser and there he was, sitting on the floor crying!

I thought I was dreaming but it felt real. Not even two seconds later he looks up at me with this scary looking face. He screamed at me saying something like he was warning me of something. I managed to go back to bed after all that happened. The next morning I thought about all that happened to me that night so I told my dad and all he did was smile at me. My sister overheard me talking about a boy and said she heard me talking to someone last night. So me and my sister went into the room to talk and she said she had awoken to hear me speak to someone but she didn't hear a response. She said she even looked over to the mirror and saw me leaning against the railing and looking at something or someone. I was shocked and scared at the same time. But now I know It really happened and it wasn't a dream after all.

Two years have passed and nothing happened. My dad fixed up the basement and put two rooms down there. He had moved the computer down there and so I went down there one afternoon and decided I would talk to some friends online and take a few pictures. While I was taking pictures with the webcam we had, I felt a bit cold and that I was being watched. I turned around to see if anyone was there but no one was there. But I noticed the door was open wide when I had left it closed.

So a another year has passed and so one day me and my friend were looking through old pictures of me on my Facebook, and we came across the picture of me when I was on the phone with a friend. We didn't see nothing out of the ordinary until something caught my eye. I went back to look at the picture again. When all of a sudden behind me where the door was wide open, there was a little boy hanging off the door with a smile on his face. I showed my family and they were surprised and said we have a ghost in our house. I've always been interested in the supernatural but never occurred to me that I would actually see one.

Cate Gould, NS, Canada
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