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The Little Girl (4)

Shawna, BC, CANADA
September 2002

This was my first experience with supernatural phenomena. I am not sure even what to make of what happened or what might happen in the future.

Just shortly after I had moved in to my new house, (about 6 months ago) I was home alone, which is normal for me as both my parents are always working. I had just sat down to watch some television before I headed off to bed.

A little while after getting into my television program I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It looked like there was a girl there. I turned to look but no one was there. I thought nothing of it and returned to my program. A few minutes later I noticed it again. This time however, there was something there. It was a little girl about 10 years old; she was wearing a plaid jumper with a white blouse and black dress shoes. I wanted to say something to her but I was too shocked. I was not expecting to see anyone there, and where had she come from? I turned my head away from her and when I turned back she was gone. She did not return that night. I was a little spooked, as I had not had anything like this happen before. The next morning I told my mom about what I saw. She was not surprised, she has had quite a few experiences like that. If she returns she told me to remember what this girl does or says. I did not see her or anything out of the ordinary for the next week.

A week later I was again watching television and I saw her. This time I was a little less shocked and was able to asked her what she wanted. She just stood there and then just left. I looked away from her for a second then when I looked back she was gone. At this point I was spooked again. I looked around the house to see if anyone was there, but the doors were looked and no one was in the house. I was freaked. The next day I again explained what had happened to mom but she said nothing. I was thinking she thought I was crazy. I was spooked at this point and did not want to be left home alone.

The next night my sister from out of town had come to visit and that is when the weird thing happened. The girl showed up, she was standing right there in front of us all. I said to my family "the little girl is here." my mom said she could feel that someone was in the room. My mom asked out loud "what do you want?" the little girl just looked at me. She just stood there. All of a sudden I had the urge to cry. My eyes flooded with these tears I had no idea where they were coming from or why. My mom talked to this girl but I do not remember much of what was said. I was scared and had all these different feelings and these physical sensations that I could not describe.

The girl left, just vanished and I have not seen her since. Every time I am home alone now I get uneasy wondering what I might see next. I am not sure what to make of this experience or even if you would believe me but I know what I felt and it scared me.

Shawna, BC, CANADA
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