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The Little Girl (5)

Trevor Sanders, California, USA
March 1998

(see "Call me.......")

Same friend, different setting... Vallejo, CA. His friend wanted to show him a ghost and took him to an abandoned house (it might have been for sale, I don't remember.) His friend said that at a specific time, this little girls' ghost would show up and do something really freaky. Well, my friend, not buying it, did what his friend said and sat in a certain spot in an upstairs room and waited until the correct time (about 11.30pm I believe). At the right time, he said he heard little footsteps coming down the upstairs hall towards him. Then he saw a figure of a little girl in the moonlight coming through a window. A few seconds later he saw her coming right towards him. After she walked up to him, he said she looked down and gave him a pissed-off look, then disappeared.

I cannot verify the truth of these stories because I was not there. But like I said, my friend is very honorable, and I don't believe he would lie.

Trevor Sanders, California, USA
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