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The Little Girl (6)

Stephanie, TX, USA
October 2009

My name is Stephanie. I am 23 years old. My husband & I have been living in our apartment for 3 years now. We have 3 little girls - Destiny is 4, Madison is 3 & June is 6 months old.

Many strange things have been occurring in our apartment since I was pregnant with my baby June. The first thing is that my older daughters Destiny and Madison had to sleep in the same crib because Destiny broke hers. Well one night me & my husband were sleeping and I woke up suddenly and looked over to my daughter's crib and I saw someone standing up at the edge of the crib looking at us.

At first I thought it was Destiny because whatever it was seemed to have the same tall, skinny features as my daughter. I got up to get her to lie back down, but when I did get up I looked in the crib and both my babies were covered and fast asleep.

The second incident was again in the middle of the night. My youngest daughter June was 2 months old, and I had gone to bed early. My husband stayed up late watching TV in the living room, and didn't want to wake any of us up so slept on the couch. Well, at this point we had just bought Destiny her toddler bed, and Madison still slept in her crib.

I had suddenly awoke, and I saw what at the time was my daughter Destiny get off her bed, and went over to Madison's crib and was looking in there. I got up and was going to get mad at her because I didn't want her to wake Madison up. When I got to her bed I saw that she was covered and fast asleep. It freaked me out. My husband didn't believe me. Than we were standing by our breakfast bar about 10 pm talking, and he stopped what he was saying and went to the bathroom.

He came back pale, and said you're not going to believe it. He said he thought he saw Destiny go into the bathroom, and went in there and no one was there. He said he was going to get mad at her because she was suppose to be asleep, and when he went in there Destiny was fast asleep. He said, "I swear I saw a little girl go in the bathroom."

Whatever it is seems to be attracted to Destiny because all the times that we have seen this thing it always is around her. We have even mistaken it for our daughter. The weirdest part is that my brother in law came to bring my nephew over to play with my daughters, and I was taking pictures of all of them. On one of the pictures there was an orb, and I had took a picture a second before that and there was nothing there. All in all whatever it is, is seriously freaking me out.

Stephanie, TX, USA
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