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The Little Girl on the Creek

Texas, USA
May 1999

This happened to my fiance in 1984 or 1985. We've both run up against ghosts a couple of times in our separate lives. I'll send the other stories later....

My fiance was walking down to a creek on his then in-laws place near Goliad, Texas. It was springtime, and he was interested in going fishing, He said he was making his way through the heavy brush, keeping his eyes on the ground and the brush. As he neared the creek, he looked up, and saw a little girl walking parallel to the creek. She was about 15 yards away from him. He knew she was ghost since she was completely transparent. he could see her distinctly. She was a little Hispanic girl, about 6 years old. She had shoulder-length black hair. She was wearing a white dress with red shoes, and a red sash that made a big bow in the back. She took no notice of him whatsoever, but just continued to walk on down the creek bank.

He said he was really scared by her apparition. He didn't say anything for a year or two to anyone because he was afraid they would think he was crazy. Finally, he told his then mother-in-law about it. She said that a little girl had drowned in the creek many years ago and that she had been seen from time to time.

Texas, USA
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