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The Little Girl Plays

Mike, Illinois, USA
July 1998

When I was stationed in Germany with my family, we lived in an apartment. We had the top apartment next to a British couple. I had two children and my next door neighbor had also two. I would get up around 4:00am every morning to have some coffee before I would go to work.One morning while I was in the living room drinking my coffee I thought I saw a little child run down the hallway. I got up to see if one of my boys had gotten up but they were both sound asleep. So I just thought I was seeing things and went to work. It was about 2 weeks later; when the same thing happened again. I checked on my kids and again they were sound asleep.? I then checked my wife and she was asleep also. I then went and checked the whole apartment and found nothing. This time I know I had seen something run down the hallway. I never saw it directly but more from the corner of my eye. I have seen ghosts/spirits before and know that is what I saw. I was not afraid and I didn't have any bad feeling's this time. The other times when I have seen or heard something I got really bad feeling's and that they were not friendly spirits.

So this time I wanted to see more of the child if it ever came back. The child came back again, and this time I saw that it was a little girl with blonde hair. I have two boys and my wife has copper colored hair. This time I just sat in the living room and finished my coffee and went to work. I never told anybody about what I had seen in the mornings. I thought no one would believe me. As said; I've seen things before and everyone I told said that I was just making it up. So this went on for about a year and all the little girl would do is run down the hallway and laugh. I figure she was just playing and having fun. She never did any harm so why try and stop her.

Then one night I was on a 24hr duty shift at work when my wife called and sounded really upset. I asked her what is wrong and she said that the TV was changing channels by itself. I talked to her and while we was on the phone the TV stopped changing channels and worked fine. I talked a little bit longer and then hung up. I thought the girl was playing again and didn't want to scare my wife so I said nothing. About 2 hours later my wife called again. This time she was hearing a noise like metal hitting metal. She thought the sound was coming from the kitchen and was scared someone was in the house. I asked her if the windows where locked and the doors shut and locked and she said yes. I then thought that the girl was back to play and told my wife about what I had seen. She knows I don't make stories up and believed me. I told her that it is a little blonde girl and she was just there to play and that there was nothing to be afraid of. She then yelled out "that's enough and it time to go to bed", the sounds stopped and never happened again that night. The next day my wife and neighbor were talking about the night before, my wife said the neighbor turned white and said "oh my god it's happening again" she said she had lived in the same apartment for 10 years and everyone who lived in my apartment had seen things like a ghost. My wife woke me up and told me what Rosy had said. So I Got up, we talked and figured there is no harm being done. About 6 months later a new couple moved into the apartment below us. After that I never saw the little girl again. Then one day the wife below us saw a little girl run down the hallway.

I guess ghosts move like the living when they get bored. All of this is true and there is much more to this story, but I didn't want to bore you anymore. Have you ever seen a ghost? - If you have be careful, some are not friendly - I know!!!.

Mike, Illinois, USA
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