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The Little Italian Restaurant

Michelle, Colorado, USA
October 2006

Well first off, my tale is a collection of different events and stories of a little restaurant, with a very bloody past.
Its actually part of my history, since my dad worked there when it was owned and operated by the Italian Mafia. My boyfriend works there now, after it was sold by the last remaining brother of this particular family, whose name I will not divulge. Along with its not-so-good past, there are also good memories, one of which surrounds Frank Sinatra, who frequented this restaurant whenever he was in town, which is also how the resident ghost got his name "Frank".

This building is 3 stories, a main level ( the restaurant), downstairs (alcohol, pantry, laundry, office etc...) and a 2nd story (apartments). I had always heard stories about it, since my dad worked there and all, most of them unpleasant, they even still have the original "beating bat" and silent alarm.
Most of the stories involved illegal poker rings and beatings and the like.
One of the stories was that Frank, the ghost, had a thing for women who would come downstairs. As they would return back up the stairs he would grab them by an ankle and almost cause them to trip. I thought it was kind of a cool story, nothing more, till one day one of the food preps had to go down into the basement and as she was coming back up, literally fell onto the steps, saying that something had prevented her foot from moving up to the next step causing her to fall. I know what you're thinking, she just tripped on a step and didn't realize it, but she was so shaken up by it that the manager actually sent her home for the night.
There are also stories of peoples items going missing and glasses being tipped over, little annoyances like that.
I had my own personal experience there, well three involving Frank.
I was sitting at the bar waiting for my boyfriend to be done with his work, when all of a sudden I thought I saw someone sitting in the corner booth. I turned my head to look and of course there was no one there. Just as I turned back and was starting to feel a little uneasy, I felt a cold rush go up the entire lower half of my body. I started to freak out at this moment, I mean I love reading ghost stories and everything, but I don't necessarily like having my own experiences. As I started to get up from my stool, I realized that my upper body was moving and my left leg was moving but my right foot was firmly planted on the ground, and wouldn't budge. And it wasn't like I felt anything either, no icy grip or my foot being asleep, pins and needles, I felt nothing, but my foot would not move! It was only a split second, but it seemed like so much longer! Needless to say I high-tailed it out of there and waited for my boy out in the car.
My second experience isn't so much as an encounter but more like an impression.
This restaurant also so happened to be a bar, and after a few drinks, I'd always have to use the little ladies room. This bathroom had always giving me a weird feeling, always a certain image would pop into my head whenever walking into it. But I always just brushed it off as having seen way too many scary movies. Well one night last week, again I was there waiting to leave, and as usual, my Boy had to go around and make sure all the lights were off and everything. After going into the girls bathroom he came back out and said how strange he always felt going into the ladies bathroom, that he always had a weird image come into his thoughts. I told him it was strange, because I had the same feeling. Then he started to tell me the image that he had. He said "it was always of a girl or woman, sitting on the toilet, in the stall".....then I cut him off and finished "with her head down, her arms sprawled, and dark hair hanging over her knees?" We both just stared at each other for a moment, we couldn't believe that we had the same exact image pop into our heads whenever we entered that bathroom. I hold it from now on!
The last is kinda just eerie, and a little amusing.
My boyfriend has an ipod, that after all the employees leave, he hooks up to the radio in the restaurant. The songs are all mostly heavy metal, and he plays it loud. So we proceeded to go downstairs, I went along too because I refuse to stay upstairs alone anymore. He did all his closing work and we go back upstairs about 20 minutes later, and its completely silent. Not only had the ipod shut off by itself, there is no timer on it.....but the radio was turned down all the way, NOT shut off! So it couldn't have been a power surge or anything like that. I just said,"well maybe Frank doesn't like your taste in music". We had a brief chuckle then got the hell out of there.
That's it for now!
Thanks for reading!

Michelle, Colorado, USA
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