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The Little Man

Maine, USA
March 1999

Iwill call my name Frank even though that's not my real name. The story i have to tell is true, it happened, and as far as I know could still be happening.

My Mother had bought a split level country house in South Jersey and it was to be our dream house or so we thought. My Father had died and my Mother and five brothers moved in. The very first night we all woke to hearing crying, things moving around, and noises coming from the cellar. We had two neighbors across the street and a huge pole light on the telephone pole out front of the house lighting most all our front yard so if anyone was in the yard we would be able to see them really well. We loved the house so much that we put up with the noises and banging that we heard often. We didn't think it strange to have company and a glasses moving in front of everyone. Sometimes my relatives would sit in the living room and the door knobs would turn back and forth. We felt kinda proud that we had something different than all the rest.

After a while we would see these dark images running outside when my mom and family would sit just to get some air. It got around that the house we lived in was haunted and some of my friends wouldn't come back to visit. We were surrounded by woods that stretched for miles, and our two neighbors across the street. My mother always loved the country look and hinted how great a fence would be, so my younger brother and I made her one.

As long as I live I will never forget what she said, and what I saw one summer night. It was on a Saturday morning at the breakfast table that my Mother said, "Frank can I ask you something and swear that you won't laugh"? I said, "ok mom". She said, "last night i couldn't sleep, my chest was hurting so I got up and was admiring the fence you boys built me when all of a sudden I saw this black figure, a little man, standing in the front yard looking at me, just standing there. I guess I made a noise because it walked up to your fence and walked under it. I asked her how do you know it was a little man ? she said it had a cut out form like a piece of black paper a one dimension being if you will. I wanted to laugh, but she stood up and walked away crying, she knew I didn't believe her and I didn't till I saw it for myself.

The next night I saw it running up to the front door and I yelled at it when it looked up with my two dogs on its tail. I saw that it had no eyes and looked like a cut out figure from a piece of black paper. It ran right under the pole light and jumped in the air and ran in the woods. I got my brother up from sleep and told him what I saw as we listen to this hideous laughter in the woods as we stood outside looking for it.

It has been twenty years since I lived in that house and from what I hear it is still happening to others. The house remained empty for a long time no one would stay there.

Maine, USA
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