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The Little Room

Amber, UK
December 2005

I'd better introduce myself before I tell my story, my name is Amber, I'm 15 and come from England.

It all started a few years ago when I had just turned 12. My Mum, my younger sister Mellie and I were all living in a two bedroom apartment as my parents had split up and my Mum could not afford to keep our house. My mum was looking out for a small house which we could afford and finally our wishes had come true (to good to be true!).
My Mum had found a three bedroom modest semi but it was strangely cheap. When my mum asked about why it was so cheap the estate agent said "the owner of the house wants a quick sale". My mum told me before we entered the house to look around and look out for anything wrong as she was still worried about the price. The house was perfect for us it seemed. It was a very old house with a lovely little garden. My Mum put an offer in and it was accepted straight away. We moved in 3 weeks later.

My Mum was annoyed because the previous owner had not given her the key to this little room coming off the dining room. She called up the Estate Agent and they told her that the little room was locked when the last owner moved in. Me and Mellie, being curious, asked our Mum to get door opened. Mum told us that she had called a locksmith to come over next week and open the door.

We sorted out the house. I painted my room myself and helped my Mum to sort out Mellies' room which was not in a good condition. The locksmith came and opened up the little room. When he opened the door he gave a gasp as the room looked like it had not been opened for years. It did not have a window and looked like it had once been a bathroom as there was a sink in the corner and a pipe coming out of the wall where the toilet must have been. There wasn't any carpet.
When my sister mellie came to look at the room she cried and said it was dirty and dark, my Mum told her not to be so silly and that it would make a great study.

In the next month the little room was transformed into a cute little study, with a desk and tiny bookcase. There was still no window so we took off the door so the light would come in from the dining room and we also installed a little light.

Mellie still said the room was bad and mum told me she thought that Mellie must be claustrophobic. I thought about it and remembered when Mellie sulked about leaving our old house and hid in a cupboard and when we go to the shopping center she would go in the lifts, si she couldn't be claustrophobic.

A week later Mellie's nightmares started. I was asleep in my bed when I heard a small cry from my sisters room. Me, being a light sleeper was awake and so went to see what was wrong with Mellie. When I went in her room she was in her bed in the fetus position sobbing. I ran to her and pulled her hand. She woke up and screamed for Mum. I told her it was me and she grabbed me round the waist. My Mum stormed in with a shoe in her hand to use as a weapon. She saw me and sighed, Mellie whispered something. My Mum asked her what happened after I told her what I saw.

Mellie told us that there were horrible things coming out of the bad room and running around the house. Mellie refused to sleep in her room that night and slept in Mum's bed.

The next night she had the same nightmare and I came in again. The next night I stayed awake and listened for my little sisters cry but instead I heard the creaking of floorboards as my sister got out of bed and walked across the landing. I got up and went to ask her what was wrong, she didn't answer, then I realized that she was sleep walking and was about to go downstairs. I ran and woke Mum and she and I followed Mellie downstairs. She went into the dining room and sat in front of the study and started shaking. I wanted to wake her but Mum told me that it was dangerous to wake a sleep walker. Mellie suddenly whispered "go away!" I asked why she didn't answer as she did not seem to be talking to us as she said "don't hurt them leave them!" her voice sounded angry like when the sweet shop doesn't have the sweet she wants or something, my Mum was sobbing. Mellie nodded and got up and made her way upstairs, got in her bed and curled up in the fetus position again. My mum shook her awake.
We asked her what happened and she told us "the bad things from the room were trying to get you so I told them to go away!" my Mum whispered "did it touch me?" Mellie sobbed "the big one touched your shoulder!". My Mum picked up my sister, grabbed my hand and ran downstairs, she then let go of my hand and picked up the car keys. "We're leaving now! we not staying here" my Mum shouted to no one facing the dining room.
I opened the front door and we ran to the car. We went to dad's house and Mum told him what happened. He gasped and told us he'd had a dream that something was trying to take us!
It seems that Mellie inherited dad's gift with the paranormal.

When we went back two days later to get our stuff the study was locked with the old door back. Mum called the old owner and told her what happened to us. The lady told mum that when she lived there the door use to rattle at night and she heard something scratching to get out. When mum asked why she moved out she said that the noises got worse and they wanted to get out.

We now live with Grandma and Grandpa in their house and Mellie is sleeping ok. If you ever live in my old house remember that door is locked for a reason!

Amber, UK
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