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The Little Town House

Megan DeWitte, Minnesota, USA
July 2000

Well, my parents were divorced after I was about one or two. My mom decides right away to start seeing other people. I don't know if it was to make my dad jealous or what, but after a couple of months going through four or five guys she found her boyfriend Bernie.

Bernie is about three or four years older than her and he has three kids. As with my mom she's got three kids of her own. They both together have one on the way.

Bernie was previously married to his triplet's mother. Her name was "Penny". Well, mom was desperate for a place to live so Bernie let us rent out his old house. Little did we know what that house contained.

Mom and I knew that the house had been lived in by Bernie and his deceased wife. Except we didn't know what had actually happened in there.

Mom and I started hearing weird noises. Then after a year of all this nonsense I actually got the nerve to ask Bernie's boys why this was happening. They told me that their mom had shot herself in that house, and she doesn't like visitors. They also said that she didn't scare us as much as she did the last people that had moved into that house.

After I told mom what they had told me about the weird things going on there, she told me that we were going to move out of that house and Bernie and her were going to get a big house where all of us could fit. Well we did.

For my birthday I wanted to go back to our little town house and just see who could last without an emotional break down that night.

The people that were invited to that little party were two of my girlfriends, the triplets, my cousin, and the triplets cousin, and my pet dog Merphy.

We went through hours of nothing happening. Then automatically at around 2:30 a.m. we heard Merphy growling then moaning as if he was in pain and anger at the same time. So I told one of the triplets to come with me and to my surprise there she was. The triplet's mom "Penny" was standing in our bathroom doorway petting my dog. Kory (one of the triplets) yelled out "mommy" and Penny looked up with her blue eyes and her bright shinning figure and reached out to him. After she had actually felt his hand her eyes turned a bright red and she disappeared and pots, pans, chairs, plates, magazines, and everything started flying around our house. When all of the flying objects had stopped the washer and dryer started going off and on, the lights would flicker, and the doors would open and slam.

After that little party I've never gone back in that house. I told my mom about the experience that I had just had. She didn't believe me one little bit. The weird thing was the neighbors didn't see anything happen.

I wonder why Penny was so calm and so friendly, then vicious and mean. Was there really just two sides to the mother, or was it just that she didn't like the fact that my mom was raising her boys.

Bernie and my mom are still to this day together, they are as I said before expecting another baby in December. They are also talking about getting married. The boys and I have grown up to be best friends.

The boys and I still haven't figured out the real story of why Penny shot herself or how everything happened. All we know to this day is that she doesn't like my mom and that she has an eerie sense of humor.

Megan DeWitte, Minnesota, USA
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