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The Little White Box

Patricia, Texas, USA
August 1999

This is a true story, it's about my aunt Lucia, a person I admire so much, even though I never got to know her well, because I was only eight years old when she died. This story was told by my mom. My mom is one of seven siblings, three girls and four boys. My aunt Lucia was the oldest and as everyone likes to say, the weirdest.

Since my mom can remember, Lucia was always reading and talking about ghosts and paranormal stuff, and she wasn't afraid of ghosts at all. She used to love going to the cemetery to read a book or just to spend time there, she said she felt good and peaceful there.

It wasn't only a matter of enjoying the subject, she could actually see and communicate with ghosts.

Since she was a little girl, she used to talk about this blonde girl with a white dress, holding a little white box. She said the box had some kind of light inside. The girl never said anything, she only looked at her and sometimes smiled. On one occasion, everybody was about the age of 11 to 14 and they were playing outside on the street. Lucia came running, saying the girl with the white box was inside the house. Everybody went like crazy after Lucia to see this ghost she so much talked about. When they stepped on the sidewalk, a bus turned the corner in great speed and overturned right on the spot where they were playing. If they had remained there once second more, they would of been smashed by the bus.And of course, when they got inside, the girl wasn't there anymore.

I don't know if this girl was a guardian angel or just a nice spirit. And I can't figure out what's with the box, either.

When they were older, they used to go to this friends farm to spend the weekend and two things happened in one of those weekends. They decided to take a walk in the woods there was 5 of them including my mom, Lucia and three more friends. They were all running and Lucia stayed behind, she was trying to get an apple from a tree with a stick. The apple fell on the ground and she bent over to grab it, but a hand got it first. When she looked up, she saw the girl laughing at her holding the apple. Then the girl threw the apple on the ground and ran away. So, Lucia tried to get the apple again. She was about to touch it when suddenly it disappeared into thin air! She felt a little uneasy and tried to catch up with the others. That's when she realized it was getting dark. Nothing wrong with that, but the fact that in order to get to the farm house, they had to pass in front of an old abandoned house by the railroad. This house was known to be haunted. My mom never liked and was completely freaked by the idea of seeing a ghost, so she and the rest were scared to death of passing in front of that house when it was dark. Anyway, Lucia had already joined the others and when they were near the house they saw an old lady coming in their direction. Everybody was almost glued together without taking their eyes off the woman that now was becoming more visible. She had long white hair and her clothes were dirty rags. As she was passing by their side, they noticed the old woman was walking slowly. Again nothing wrong with that, except for one thing, she had no feet! She was floating, her head was down as if she was hiding her face and she was sort of moaning. By this time my mom and her friends were running away, but Lucia, always curious, decided to look back (and people always say that if you see a ghost, you should never look back, or he'll get you). When she looked, the woman turned her head to her and showed her face. She had the most horrible red glowing eyes. Like fire or something. Only then, Lucia decided to run.

A long time after that, my aunt Lucia got married and had two kids. Her daughter (my cousin) was very close to my grandmother. My grandmother died when my cousin was about four years old, and at that same week, my cousin got very ill. She had a high fever and was constantly coughing and crying. One night, Lucia went to the kitchen to get my cousin's medicine when she heard my cousin stop crying and then start laughing. Finding that strange, she ran to the bedroom and found my grandmother standing at the bedroom's door. My grandmother had no emotion on her face and her eyes were as if she was looking right through Lucia. She didn't say a word,just turned and disappeared into the room. Lucia went after her, but she was no longer there. And my cousin had absolutely no fever anymore.

Lots of other things happened involving my aunt Lucia and we're always talking about her. I really wish I could have had the chance to talk to her and ask about her experiences with the supernatural. Unfortunately in 1980, she got cancer and died at the age of Forty.

Patricia, Texas, USA
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