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The Locker

Pamela Cellini, Pennsylvania, USA
September 1998

This story is not something that happened to me, but something that happened to my mother when she was younger. My mother told me about this, and she says it is the most frightening thing that has ever happened to her in her whole life.

Laleen, my mother, was in her early twenties when she and some other friends went to visit another friend in Colorado. This friend of theirs lived in an old four room school house. That night they all were having a sleep over type thing in one of the rooms in the school house. My mother was sleeping when she had the most vivid dream she could ever remember having. She was dreaming that she was stuck in a locker and she could smell smoke. She couldn't get out of this locker. She was struggling violently. She couldn't breathe and was suffocating. She knew she was dying and there was nothing she could do about it. She screamed but no one heard her, no one came to rescue her. She woke up hysterical. She was sweating and she could barely move. Her friend who house this was comforted her. My mother told her about the dream. Her friend then told her the news. That very school house that they were in had once burned down and had been rebuilt. They found two small children dead in that very room of the school house. One of them stuck in a locker.

Pamela Cellini, Pennsylvania, USA
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