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The Lonely Lady

Anna-Vevina Loughran, UK
October 2002

I guess this story is a little different to your usual submissions, as it happened to me.

I've had a lot of supernatural encounters but only one has ever affected me as badly as this one.

It was early in the evening of February last year and I was with my best friend Katie in her new car. We went to pick two friends up, Amy and another Katie and went for a drive.

Since we were all living at home we decided to park up somewhere so we could talk about things you wouldn't want your parents to hear you talking about!

We went to a new area near some farmland and and parked away from the main street next to some fields, it was early winter and already dark and quite foggy. Just as Katie stopped the car I started to get a really spooky feeling but put it down to the darkness of the secluded area. then I started to feel really cold so Katie put the heaters on full blast but that had no effect. I started to get really upset and began to shake uncontrollably, so I asked if we could leave. Katie started the engine and began to turn the car around when I looked out of the side window and saw a woman walking out of the fog.

She was quite young and was looking straight at me with her arms outstretched, mouthing something silently. As soon as I saw her I was overcome with strong sense of complete loneliness and burst into tears. Amy was sitting with me in the back and put her arms around me asking if I was ok, I said that the woman outside was upsetting me, she looked out of the window and said "there's no-one there!" By this point I could feel stabbing pains in my stomach and was screaming at Katie to drive away. Amy was cradling me as I was rocking back and forth with my hands over my face, sobbing and screaming "don't leave me here, dont leave me here"!. Katie floored it away from the field and I started to calm down.

I was still shaking an hour later when I explained as much as I could to my friends who were extremely spooked by my behavior. As soon as I saw the girl, I felt very lonely, sad and felt like I'd been stabbed in the stomach.

As I had such an extreme reaction we decided to investigate the history of the farm. We found out that there is an old urban legend about a 20 year old milkmaid who fell in love with the son of the wealthy farmer, and became pregnant by him. They married in secret when she was six months pregnant, using the young mans family seal ring as a wedding band. When the father of the boy found out what they had done he poisoned the girl and locked her in a secret room, leaving her to die a slow and painful death. He buried her in an abandoned field, telling the boy she was pregnant by another man and had accepted money from the father to disappear. The boy pined away, believing his wife to be a whore. His mother killed herself through grief and the father lived out his days a broken man, only confessing his secret in his will. He confessed to everything except where she was buried.

The girls body was discovered years later by a new owner of the farm who decide to plow the field and uncovered the skeletal remains of the girl and her six month old foetus, still with the ring around her finger.

Anna-Vevina Loughran, UK
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