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The Lonely Walk With The Demon

Steve, NSW, Australia
May 2007

What can I say, usually through my whole life nothing really spectacular happens apart from the usual school, hang out and drink, however a week ago on the 2nd of May 2007 I experienced something I've never before experienced.

I'm 17 yrs old, a good skeptical boy with a skeptical female companion. On the 2nd approximately 7:20pm after I had finished my taekwondo session, I was walking to my friend's place that lived close by so I could pick up a couple of notes for school. I would usually walk down this large road every time, a simple busy traffic road that leads straight to my friends place, however on that day stupid me decides to take a short cut down roads consisting of barely any light.

So I was walking at a fast speed and noticed a really big and really white person in front of me. Every time I would speed up he would start running, I thought why? I was actually getting scared since he never looked back but seemed as if he/she knew exactly what I was doing. As I neared the corner of the street, the person runs off around the corner, so I slow down. As I near the corner I feel a rush of cold air as if someone has turned on air conditioning. As I enter my friend's street from the corner, the guy is stationed with both of his arms up in the air. He was standing 8 meters away or so, and started to scream in a deep voice which actually made me cry. From that point something was wrong, I couldn't breathe, my legs were shaking and I was thinking of dying, then he stops. I stable myself to normal as if everything is ok and normal, no more crying and proper breathing. In a blink, literally he is facing me, his face is pale as snow and his eyes black as the night and he wore all black. From that point I thought I was going to faint. This man wasn't your average Joe, he was more than 2m tall (I'm 2m tall and he was much taller than me) and had a very big figure. I froze in place thinking of running but couldn't move and so this thing started walking slowly towards me. I started to cry for no reason? and I said sorry but I didn't actually say it, and he stops, screams faintly "I'm sorry" and vanishes in thin air! I was stunned and my phone rang with my mum screaming I'm 4 hours late! 4 hours, the walk took only 10 minutes but 4 hours really shook me.

After that day I stopped walking to my friends at all! and I couldn't sleep for a whole week.

Having this experienced really changed my life and now I believe that spirits do exist in any form and a message for all skeptics that the supernatural is real.

Thank your for reading my story.

Steve, NSW, Australia
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