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The Long Dirt Road

Anonymous, TX, USA
April 2010

My husband and I just finished our dream home here in a small town near Brownsville Texas. Our house is the last one on our dirt road for many miles. I suppose it was all too easy to ignore the strange things that we all saw as far as the construction was going on. The house itself was fully finished by November of 2009 so I guess with most of the stress gone and life slowing to normal it was only a matter of time before we began to take more notice of things.

You see the house in itself was right as rain as far as normal goes. It was the land itself that became the issue. One day my three boys Austin, 12 Julio, 5 and Manny, 3 all decided they wanted mommy to take them for a walk down the dirt road that runs on after our house. I didn't see a problem since cars rarely used this road because of the lack of pavement making it impossible to drive on if it had rained at all in the past week.

It was around eight in the morning when we started down the road. It wasn't but a minute or two before a woman ran out into the middle of the road in front of us about twenty yards or so up the road.
She looked odd with a red hooded cloak from head to her bare feet and crazed hair. Her face was painted black with what appeared to be mud and she had about four obedient pit bulls by her side sitting at attention watching as she began acting very oddly. Now mind you it is August in Texas and the closest house for at least ten miles was our own, not to mention the Texas heat and this lady is wearing a full length hooded long sleeve cloak.

She suddenly started chanting and sort of jumping around while holding this sort of branch waving it over her shoulders. I just couldn't stop looking at her and without a thought I called out to her if perhaps she had had an accident in the area and needed some help. She only then raised her eyes to look our way but only to my children and lifted her hand with a smile motioning for my boys to approach her.
Well as a mother I do not think I need say what I did next. Once we were all back in the house I just brushed it off telling the boys to stay close to the house and that I did not want them venturing down
that road without me.

It was only that very same day though that we ended up walking down that road again because I realized my youngest sons sandal must have come off there earlier. This time what we saw would be far more unsettling than a strange woman. As I bent down to pick up Manny's sandal I turned quickly when my five year old began to scream one of those hysterical cries for help that make a mother's blood run to ice.

When I saw his pale face I noticed he was also urinating on himself. I turned toward the direction he was fixed on to have a look at the source and there they were. I would never in my wildest believe a soul had I not been there but sure enough. There about twenty feet or so on the side of the road were four small people about two and a half foot tall. One of them was about two foot at the most and they were drinking from the puddles of water that collected during the last rain fall. Then I noticed another one but he was much bigger than the four and he wore all black. He seemed to be a sort of watch out or care-giver as he did not participate in the splashing and drinking. The others were all dressed in white handmade type clothing and wore hats that were pointy like a garden gnome.

They were speaking and what appeared like joking and the entire time not once did they look at us until the big one did. I gave a shout from amazement. Then the big one grabbed up the smallest of them onto his shoulders and spoke to the others to go towards the tall grass. Not one word came from any of us as we watched them walk and disappear into the grass. Since then I have seen them on several occasions around my home just watching me although I am scared I am also equally curious as to what they are.

They do however cause a little mischief from time to time it is never anything serious only like they want my attention. If anyone knows or has had a similar experience in this way I would love to hear about it if only for purposes of validation.

Anonymous, TX, USA
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