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The Lost Soldier's Grenade

Ryan Zubke, MN, USA
September 2009

This all started about one year ago. I'll start out by saying our house was built between 1890-1899 (I don't remember exactly).

When my mom and step dad started building a deck on our house, we discovered an old grenade. We called the police and they determined it safe. They kept the grenade because my parents didn't want it even though I did.

That night I woke up to a noise in the bathroom. I went in only to find nothing there. Creeped out, I returned to my room only to hear it again. When I went to check it out, nothing!

I splashed water in my face and saw the image of an old looking soldier in the mirror. I quickly turned around to find nothing! Creeped out again, I went in my room, turned on the TV and went to bed.

I continue to hear noises from time to time however I almost feel safe now with him there. I awoke one other time to see a shadow in my room and when I looked the shadow was gone and there was nothing. I believe it may be a departed soldier just watching over us and it may have something to do with that grenade and really wish I still had it!

Ryan Zubke, MN, USA
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