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The Love of Annie's Ghost

Florida, USA
October 1998

My story began 3 years ago when my husbands younger sister Annie killed herself. She was 21 at the time a we all felt she had a great future. At the time of her death Annie was very close to my husband and our son aged 4 ( I will call him Adam). Annie was our babysitter for Adam and Adam would always say that Annie was his best friend.

When Annie died we all took it very hard, but with time we went on with our lives.On June the 4, 1998 about 12:30pm I was sleeping on the couch with the TV and the lights on waiting for my husband to come home from work (he works nights). I was startled by something and when I looked across the room I saw Annie sitting in front of the fireplace (in the same spot she had spent countless hours reading to my son). I could see her very clearly, and I heard her tell me not to worry that Adam would not need his medication much longer (at this point I need to tell you that 18 months after Annie died we found out that Adam was ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and needed to take Ritlain everyday. Annie also told me that my husband's back which he injured 3 months earlier would be just fine. She also asked me not to be angry that she was gone because she was happy.Then she was just gone. I can not explain to you how; it was simply she was there one second and gone the next. When my husband came home I told him what had happened and thought that I had dreamed the whole thing.

Several months have passed since I saw Annie, during this time my husband and my son and I have felt many times like there was someone watching us, but when I turn around there is no one there. My son now 7 1/2 says that he has had several dreams about Annie and that she always says that she will always take care of him and be his best friend.

I like to think of myself fairly rational person, but I can find no explanation for what has been happening in our house. Even my husband "the nonbeliever" has to admit that there is something or someone in our house. In my heart I know that it is Annie. I don't know if you would call her an Angel or a ghost, but I know that it brings me great comfort to think that she is watching out for us. Today is October the 20th,1998 and to this day the same feelings of not being alone in the house still exist. I for one hope that Annie will be with us for a long long time.

Florida, USA
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