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The Love of My Life

Kim, Bangkok
June 2006

This incident happened to me a year ago and I remember it as clearly as it happened yesterday.

I stay alone in a small apartment in the heart of Bangkok while my parents stay in the small town where I was born and brought up.
I worked as a Hostess in a restaurant in the city. Life goes on as usual between my place and the restaurant with nothing to look forward to or nothing to be unhappy about, still I was happy and content with whatever I have. But fate had a different plan for me.

I met Bill (who's memory I cling to every day for the strength to go on) through one of my friends I worked with.
Bill became my best friend, my lover and most of all my soul mate.
He dropped me off and picked me up everyday from work in his motorcycle. His friends and their girlfriends became my friends too. Life was fun with lots of parties and jokes and laughter, there were no dull moments in my life after I met Bill. I loved him (I still do) from the most sacred core of my heart and I knew he felt the same way about me. He made sure that he met me at least once every day. When he was out of town he used to call me up a dozen times just to tell me that he saw a girl who wore the same red dress that I own or just to say "Hi".
I was in love and happy, I just couldn't ask for anything more.

Then one fine evening we went shopping for my mom because the day after was her birthday. While we were driving back home on his motorcycle, a truck came speeding from the opposite direction and hit a car that was running in front of us and after that the next thing I know was I was in the ICU in the local hospital. When the nurse came in my room I told her to tell Bill that I am fine and he can come in. She looked as if she just saw a ghost, I said "what's wrong"? Then she gave me a scarier look than before. I shouted and said "Where is Bill"? With tears in her eyes, she held my hand and said "He's gone". I lay motionless for about 10 minutes and asked her to leave me alone.
My world crashed, I couldn't cry or talk, I went blank. After about an hour I saw Bill coming towards me and smiled, I smiled back then he suddenly turned and went back. I called him and asked him to wait for me, he kissed me and said "I am coming back to take you with me" before I could say anything he was gone. I shouted and cried "Bill,wait for me" my mom came in and said it was a dream but deep down I know it was not a dream, it just couldn't be.

Life goes on without Bill though I think of him every night before I sleep. I changed my job and moved on with life.
On his deaths anniversary, I went to his grave, bought some wine on my way back and at night when I sat down to drink the wine I bought, remembering Bill and the good old days, I heard someone coming in and going towards the kitchen. I went in to check if there was anyone but there was nobody. I looked at the door and it was locked which made it impossible for anybody to come in without me noticing.
When I went back to the room where I kept the glass of wine, the glass was empty, I looked around and there was no spilt wine on the floor and nothing could have come within that short time and drunk the wine, it was impossible!.
I smiled and said "Bill, you can come anytime, I love you always".
After that incident I have never heard or see or felt anything unnatural anymore except once in a while I can smell Bill's perfume when I enter my room.

To all the people who have lost their loved ones, remember where ever they are, they still love you and wish to be with you as much as you wish to be with them".

Kim, Bangkok
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