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The Loving Mother (1)

Alicia, NY, USA
August 2001

This is a story that happened to my grandfather. It was told to me at the time when I was having a ghostly experience.

To just fill you all in on my experience, well it was that I simply saw a spirit of some sort in my grandparents home, so I did not know whether they really did exist, so I decided to ask my grandfather, and that is how I found out about this story.

When my grandfather was young, he and his mother had a very strong bond. They would do most things that a son and a mother do together. They never fought, and he was what you would call the "ideal" son. He was very kind to her and they loved each other very much.

Well, as time went by, he got married, and moved to another part of the country. His mother stayed where she was. They still kept in touch, and they didn't lose touch with one another. Their bond was still as strong as before.

Well, one day, my grandfather was sitting outside on a hammock. It was 2:00 pm and he was just trying to relax, and clear his mind. His eyes were closed, he was just resting. Then all of a sudden, he heard a fairly loud call. It was someone calling his name. He heard it loud and clear. So he got up quickly from the hammock, because it had somewhat frightened him. It sounded like it was his mother. He looked around, nobody was there. So he sat there thinking of who that could have been. Then again, he heard the same voice call his name. This time he was sure it was his mother. But, there was nobody in sight.

He waited a while, and didn't hear it after that. So he decided it was his imagination, and went back on the hammock to rest.

About an hour after, someone came up to him with a message (since they did not have any phone back then). The man told my grandfather that his mother had passed away not too long ago. He asked the man about what time did she pass away. The man said around 2:00 pm.

I didn't really understand what the big deal was about this. But I didn't know if asking more questions would make him sad. So I decided to ask someone else.

That night, I asked my grandmother what that whole story meant. She said that it was indeed his mother who was calling his name. She told me that when someone loves someone that much, and they are dying, the love is so strong, that you may get a signal. In this case she probably wanted to talk to him one last time before she passed on.

Currently, my grandfather and I have an extremely tight bond. He is closer to me than anyone else (even my parents). He is 86 years old. I am hoping that when his time comes, I will get some sort of a signal as well, just to know that he'll always love me.

Alicia, NY, USA
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