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The Loving Mother (2)

Ellie, New Jersey, USA
September 2004

From the time I was born until I was about seven or eight, my family and I lived in a house two towns over from where we live now. Our old house, which we refer to as the "blue" house, was and still is believed to be, well, haunted.

Before my family moved into the blue house, there was a poor couple who lived there and raised nineteen children in the house. That had to be difficult since the house was only two stories high (not including the attic) with a mere three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Well, all of the children grew up and parted in their seperate ways leaving behind the old couple. I don't know what the man's name was but I am positive the woman's name was Betty. In 1983, Betty died of cancer inside the house and was buried nearby. The man moved out of the house quickly but didn't even think about selling it for four years. When he did, my father was quick to buy it.

When my family moved into the blue house, my brother, who is four years older then me, was already two years old. The doctor told my mom that she couldn't have anymore children because of a mistake the doctor who had delivered my brother had done. My brother was extracted from my mother because he was so big and the doctor didn't sew up my mother's stomach right so as months went by, my mother wound up ripping her babymaker so badly that the doctor said she couldn't have anymore children. But sometimes, even doctors can be wrong, (I was born a year and a half later). I don't know why but I think it has something to do with Betty why my mother was able to have children again.

Anyway, as I grew up, I remember little bits and things that seemed so normal to me as a child but now they scream of ghost. They were really just little things. I remember one specific time when I was playing with my doll house.My mother had called my down to dinner. I had left my doll house a mess and the light in my room on, I was planning on coming back to it after dinner. When I did come back, the four people in my doll house were sitting at their kitchen table (with their plates), the doll house was set up perfectly and the light in my room was off.

Another time was when my mother had the flu. My father went to work and my mother laid on the couch unable to get up. My mother decided she would call my grandmother to come and take care of my brother and me. The cordless phone was on the table out of my mother's reach. She asked my brother, who was on the floor watching cartoons, to hand her the phone. Just as she said this, the phone slide across the table and stopped right next to her hand.

The last time I ever remember Betty making herself know is when we were moving. My mother and father were finishing moving the last of the stuff they wanted to keep from the attic. I was curious about what the attic looked like since this was the first time I had seen them actually go into the attic. By the way, the entrance to the attic was one of those that folded into the ceiling so my parents stayed at the foot of the ladder to make sure I didn't fall while I climbed to the top.

I remember the attic being huge. It didn't have any windows but it did have a few things left in there that my parents weren't taking that I have never seen before. They included things such as a rocking horse, a very old table that was falling apart, a rocking chair, and a few empty boxes. I didn't go beyond the top step but I could see the whole attic. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the rocking horse begin to rock back and forth. When I looked at it dead on, it went a little faster, then when I turned around to go down the steps, it stopped. I believe that was Betty's way of saying good-bye to me.

We moved into an apartment after the blue house. I believe the apartment was haunted too since the man who lived there before us committed suicide and at night I was able to hear footsteps in the kitchen which was right next to my room but that was it. Now we live here, in our new house. We've been here for a few months now but thankfully there are no signs of a spirit or anything else abnormal here.

Now my brother and I have grown up and we're currently in high school. My brother works as a pizza boy and he told me that one day he delivered a pizza to the current owners of the blue house. He told the man that he used to live in that house and man asked him if he could explain why the cabinets slammed so much at night. I guess Betty just liked us more or she was upset that the new couple who lived there didn't have children because she never did that to us. She was nice and kind and we were always nice and kind back.

Ellie, New Jersey, USA
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