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The Luck Of The Irish

May 2001

When I was about 8 and my sister was about 5 we shared a room and also a bed. It was march 16, the night before St. Patricks Day, and my younger sister woke me up. It was late at night, maybe around 1:00 am. She sounded very scared and shook me until I finally asked her what was wrong. She was whispering, and was clearly frightened. She pointed at the end of our bed and whispered, "look"!.

There was a figure sitting at the foot of our bed....

It as I call it, was sitting cross-legged on our bed. It was maybe about 4ft tall and was very hairy. It was wearing green, and had glowing, evil, yellowish-green eyes. It reminded me of an evil leprechaun. Me being a small child at the time was surprisingly not that scared. I simply told my sister to turn over, pull the covers over her head, be still and quiet, and go back to sleep.

The next morning we woke to find nothing. We couldn't both possibly have had the same dream. Our family couldn't and wouldn't play a trick on us like that. And the glowing eyes were not animal like nor could have been a costume. To this day I dont know what that was.

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