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The Man (3)

Misty, GA, USA
January 2007

On the 23 of November my son was playing in his bedroom. I was sitting in my rocking chair with my daughter. My son came running out of his room screaming "Mommy the man and hide behind my chair!!". I put my daughter down and walked back there to see what scared him so bad. When we got back there I didn't see anyone or anything. He kept pointing to the end of his bed and saying "Mommy, where did the man go Mommy?!". Well that was all that happened until Thanksgiving.

We had a normal Thanksgiving until that night. My son was laying in bed with me he is 2 years old so he sleeps with me sometimes. We just lay down and he looked up and started saying "Mommy the man". I asked him where the man was. He said "behind you". He wouldn't move, just kept hiding his face behind my back and when I tried to look at him he kept pushing my face to where the man was standing.
After a few seconds he looked up and all I can guess is whatever he'd seen was gone because he then wanted to get up and go check his sister. So we got up and went to her bedroom and he sat by her bed and wouldn't move. Finally I talked him into going back to bed but he had to check all the other rooms before we could do that.

He has only had one more sighting of whatever it is he is seeing. I would like anybody with children that have had the same or similar experience to please contact me.

I don't know what he is seeing but it scared me to death.

Thanks for letting me tell my story.

Misty, GA, USA
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