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The Man and The Pipe

February 2006

This story happened to a friend of Mum's...

The Friends name was Sue... she was training in the Air Force and had a very close friend (John) who was a pilot in one of the planes. Sadly, John was killed in a crash a few months after Sue met him.

A few months after he was killed, Sue started seeing a strange figure sitting in her rocking chair (the rocking chair John liked to sit in when he was alive) ... And the figure was smoking a pipe.. John also always smoking a pipe... Sue didn't get scared, she just went back to sleep knowing that John was watching over her.

For the next few nights the figure went away.

Till this day "John" still appears in that same rocking chair... mostly when Sue is stressed or cant figure something out. Sue says he helps her get through things. I also belive it is the spirt of John... And before I finish, Why do people always think of ghosts as bad? They don't have to be..

I'm done now.. and that was my story...

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