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The Man in the Black Suit

November 2008

I happened to stay awake one night when the man in the black suit came to visit my room. I was about 6 years old and I had trouble sleeping one night when there was a man standing in my bedroom doorway. At first I thought it was my father but when I called out to him I didn't get a response. I was getting more scared by the second, I tried it again but my voice came out as a soft whisper. Then all of a sudden he disappeared, it was dead silent except for the hard beating of my heart. Seconds went by and then I started telling myself that maybe I just imagined it when he walked out of my closet entrance and I really noticed what he was wearing. Under the long black coat was burned and seriously scarred skin. He was lifting up his face but I was going to wait around and see it, sudden pulse of adrenaline rushed through me and I screamed for my life. I screamed for everybody in the house, as soon as the man heard my scream he turned around and slowly walked back into the closet and vanished. My parents came running in, my dad carrying his bat turned on the lights and swung the bat, then he realized he was hitting air and my mom sat at my bed and pulled me by my shoulders asking no demanding to know what is wrong. I realized I couldn't speak and stopped trying after the third time. My brothers came up each one half asleep and each carrying a bat saying, "Where'd he go, where'd he go?" but my father took the bats away from them and lead them back to their room. I couldn't talk for the rest of the night so I tried my best to tell my parents if I could sleep in their room for the night.

In the morning my parents and my brothers tried to understand what I was telling. My mother said to my father secretly in the kitchen that maybe I should visit the psychologist. That night I woke up to screaming, I recognized this scream and ran down stairs it was my mother, and she was pointing at the couch absent-mindedly. The next day our final decision was made, we were moving to another city and never coming back. The reason we decided to move is because the night we woke up to screaming and ran down stairs my mother had seen the man in the black suit sitting on our couch then getting up and walked through our cement wall.

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