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The Man In The Cowboy Hat

Edgar, FL, USA
August 2005

I'm very fascinated by the stories told here and it inspired me to share about my eerie experience too.

I live in Miami, Florida in a city called Hialeah. One day, at 9pm, my next door neighbor and I decided to visit another close friend of mine who lived 2 blocks away from us. Let me tell you first that I'm a 50/50 type of person when it comes to believing in the paranormal because I often experience things but find reasons for them happening.

We're walking up to my friend's porch and before we knock, my friend and I were discussing something. So I turn around, having my back facing to the door so I could face him. Before I could finish my sentence I pause for a second because something in my view wasn't right. My attention went from my friend to across the street in front of the gates of that house. My friend looked at my face and wondered what I was so fascinated with and decided to turn around too. We both froze at the sight of a man wearing this huge, beige, cowboy hat. This man or thing was leaning against the fence with his arms resting on the fence and his legs crossed as though he was posing. His hat was tipped in a way that it covered half of his face and the shadow of the hat covered the other half. I do not know what he was wearing because I wear glasses and I didn't have them at the time and everything but his head seemed blurry to me.
My friend has 20/20 vision so I know I wasn't seeing things because he saw someone standing there too, but he doesn't remember what he was wearing.

My friend and I, after 30 seconds of being frozen finally stared at each other and started knocking frantically at the door and we looked back. The figure was still there. Upon looking back and screaming my friend finally opened the door and was like, "Hey, what the hell is your problem?!". We looked back and the man was no longer there. How can in one second a living being disappear, where there weren't any hiding spots to disappear to?

Thank you for reading my story.

Edgar, FL, USA
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