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The Man In The Garage

March 2003

In January 1996 my daughter was staying with her grandmother in Phoenix, Arizona. My daughter was 6 1/2 at the time.

One morning my daughter went into the garage to get her school shirt out of the dryer. She came running back into the house screaming. She told her grandmother that there was a man in the garage and that he said hello to her. Her grandmother then proceeded to call the police department out to check. Her grandmother had an electronic garage opener that could be distinctly heard from inside the house. It had not been opened. There was a side door that was rarely used but it was locked when the police arrived. When the police attempted to open the side door it took two of them. The door had never been easy to open. They had an attic above the garage that had a drop down staircase but that could not have been accessed because the minivan was right under the door. The police went up in the attic and checked anyway. They found no evidence of anyone being there or any forced entry.

To this day my daughter, who is now 12 going on 13, says that there was a man there and that he did say hello to her and that she ran and screamed because he was a stranger. She told us that she was not really scared but that she just did not know who he was. She stated that he was a black man with his hair braided back. She also said he had on jeans and a green T-shirt. She still vividly remembers to this day.

We had on occasion experienced other things in the house. We would be in our bedrooms and we would hear the front door close or hear someone walking down the hallway. We would go look but there was nothing there.

Sometimes late at night we would be in the back bedroom and would feel a draft as if someone opened a window.

I fully believe my daughter.

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