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The Man in the Hall

Travis, Louisiana, USA
October 2008

Being from Louisiana it is not uncommon to hear a local myth or have someone you know tell you a good spooky story about the time they were camping and so on. But every now and then you come across something that just sends shivers down your spine. We have a place we call 'Three Bridges' because one stretch of road going through the woods has three bridges very close together on it and as the legend goes you stop your car on each bridge, turn the motor off, turn your headlights off, honk your horn three times and then start the car and turn the lights on. At the third bridge (one defaced by much graffiti) when you turn your lights on a ghost is supposed to appear. I know, we all have those local stories that are only good for a fright late some night with your friends. What I'm about to tell you is a bit different mainly because it is from several points of view.

My best friend I've known since second grade lived with his grandmother and grandfather for most of his childhood. Sadly, his grandfather passed away some years ago and since then my friends brother moved in with their grandmother. While living there he was married and had a son. This particular story takes place while my friend's brother was at work. His wife and, at the time, three year old son were watching TV. The angle of where they were sitting allowed view of the hallway when you peer slightly to the left (with the TV being directly in front of you). As they were enjoying a program the wife noticed something in the corner of her eye and when she looked over at the hallway she saw a fleeting glimpse of a man walking by the door. It startled her but she quickly gave in to the notion that she was either tired or just seeing things. A few moments later her son asked, "Mommy, who was that man in the hall?" This set her off in a panic because she had not mentioned seeing anything, much less saying it was a man. She turned on all the lights in the house and called her husband to come home.

When my friend told me this it made me very afraid to ever go back to that house and sleep over. We suspect it was his grandfather. Since then his grandmother has also passed away but nothing like that has happened again.

Travis, Louisiana, USA
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