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The Man In The Pinstripe Suit

September 2005

A few months back I just got myself a job working as a presenter/music director on a community radio station at night. Great fun doing the graveyard shift but little did I know that this radio station is haunted. I'll explain.

It was my second night and I was with another person who I'll call Wozza (real Aussie eh?). Wozza is the Technician and he also works the grave yard shift with me. I was on air, gibbering on about nothing when I saw a man standing just outside the Control Room wearing a pin stripe suit, like something from the 40s. Who's this bloke, I wondered. I didn't take much notice, hoping that Wozza will deal with the bloke. I threw on a CD and went out to make myself a cup of coffee (need something to keep me awake). I noticed that the man in the pinstripe suit wasn't around. Wozza must've told him that it was bit late to be talking to any of us. Wozza walked in and I asked about what the man wanted.
"What man?" Asked Wozza, pouring some milk into his coffee mug.
"The bloke who was standing in the room outside the C.R."
"Bluey, there was no one out there."
"Bull&@#$%! I saw him. He was just standing outside the CR, looking in at me." Wozza looked at me as if I was mad.
Anyway, the song finished and I was back on air. Half way through what I was saying, I saw the man again looking in at me. Bloody hell, who is this @#$%? I threw another song on and went out of CR. The bloke was gone.

Two nights later I was back on air again. As I was gibbering away to my insomniac listeners, I saw Mr. Pinstripe suit standing there. I put a song on and slowly went out. The man stood looking at me. He looked to be in his late 30s or early 40s, with a sad look on his face. Then he faded. I was in shock that when I went on air, I was gibbering on like a speed addict. The next day I went back to the radio station and confronted my boss. I told him about the bloke and the boss shook his head sadly.
"Bluey," Bossman said, "that bloke saw was a ghost."
"This place used to be an office back in the early 1930s. That man you saw? He committed suicide because his wife ran off with another woman..." the bloke's wife was a lesbian..."he hanged himself in the Control Room (CR). You're not the only one who saw him."

I felt sorry for him. Bossman wanted to get a Priest in to bless the place but I said we should leave the poor bloke alone. Maybe he likes my choice of music (Rolling Stones, The Who, the Doors), maybe he's lonely and wants some company. Whatever it is, he does me no harm and I like him standing there, watching me.

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