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The Man in the Window

Mississippi, USA
September 1998

My story takes place in 1990, when I was 16 years old. I was living with my sister in an apartment complex. There was only one building of one story apartments, about six apartments in all.

One night we had a couple of friends stay over. We were all in the living room at the front of the apartment playing a game, when my best friend Bobbie looked up and saw a man in the window. For a minute she couldn't even talk, but finally she got our attention and pointed. We all saw him. He was a very large man, with piercing eyes that could turn your blood cold. Needless to say, we were all very frightened. As soon as we all looked at him, he disappeared from the window, but then the door knob started to rattle, like he was trying to get in. My sister, Sonya, called our next door neighbor, Brian, and asked him to come over, because someone was trying to get in our house. He was there within a couple of minutes, but didn't see anyone outside. Brian called a friend of his and they both hid outside trying to catch the guy, but if they were in the front he was rattling the door at the back of the apartment, or trying to get in a window. When they went to the back, he would try to get in the front. Even when one would be in front and one in back, whatever it was would be scratching on windows, or rattling doorknobs, but they could never see anyone.

We called the police and they came out and looked around and agreed to patrol the area, but they could never find anyone. Yet there was still someone or something trying to get in and whatever it was, it didn't let up until daylight. Was it a very allusive stalker, or a ghost? You be the judge.

Mississippi, USA
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