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The Man With All The Holes

Gauteng, South Africa
August 2015

This is not my story but the story of my younger brother. When we were children we lived in an apartment building with many floors, we lived on the third floor. My brother did not have many friends so when he told me that he had made a new friend in our building I was happy for him. But when he introduced me to his friend and I could not see anyone I was a bit disappointed. But as long as he was happy I was, and he loved playing games with his imaginary friend.

Things started becoming strange . . . my brother started fearing his friend. When I asked him why he was scared he said if he told me his friend would hurt him again. He showed me his arms and neck and I was shocked to see these horrible scratches all over. So that's when I decided to ask him how his "friend" looked and he made me even more shocked. He described his friend as a tall older man with holes all over his body. When I looked at his drawing of his friend I came to realize that these holes were stab wounds. What little boy imagines that? I told my mother and she became alarmed.

A few weeks after I had told her about my brothers friend we moved to another apartment building. I could see she was frightened and only when we were older did she tell us why we moved so quickly. It turns out that in our apartment building lived a man and his two young sons, but this man was abusive and would beat up his children. One day when he was drunk he started strangling his young son, but the other son had enough and grabbed a butchers knife. He stabbed his father more than a dozen times, eventually killing him. My brother was seeing this horrible man's ghost and that's why we left in such a hurry.

Since we moved my brother dint see his friend again and people who move into that apartment don't last especially when they have children. Its scary.

Gauteng, South Africa
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