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The Man With No Face

Donna, UK
January 2003

This particular story didn't happen to me, but it happened to a number of people who live in my area.

There is a bus called the 79 which runs very often around my area and takes you into our town center. It is a double decker bus and many people take it, as it is one of the most common.

Anyway, one day when it was taking its regular route, a bunch of teenagers came running down the stairs of the bus yelling at the bus driver to let them off. The bus driver simply stated that he couldn't as they were at a red light, but the children persisted, so he let them off. The driver thought nothing of it, and carried on with his journey. About five minutes later, a full grown man came running down the stairs, he also demanded to be let off the bus. The driver, becoming a little impatient asked the man why he was in such a hurry to get off the bus. The man simply replied, 'there's a man with no face up there, he just tapped me on the shoulder, I turned round and he asks me 'who am I?' but he had no face!' The driver then looks through his mirror to the top of the bus, and there at the back of the bus was a man sitting all in black with a hood over his head, but the driver could clearly pick out that this man had no face.

He pulled the bus over and slowly walked up the stairs only to find the bus completely empty.

Another encounter happened when one of my friends got off the bus and looked up to the top deck to wave goodbye to his girlfriend, there sitting right behind her was the man with no face, looking out the window at him.

A mum and her daughter were on the bus one day when the little girl started laughing and pointing to the seat next to her, the mother looked, and there, right next to her the man with no face appeared and asked her 'who am I?' Needless to say the woman didn't stay on that bus for too long.

The driver decided to call a medium to try and work out why this restless spirit kept harassing the passengers with the question, 'who am I?'. The medium got to the top of the bus and said that he sensed a lot of pain at the back of the bus. He made further research and found out that a man had died at the back of that very bus due to a very bad heart attack. The attack was so bad that it caused the muscles in his face to go into spasms, and it caused severe damage to his brain, hence him not knowing who he was.

That night, the driver and the medium sat at the back of the bus and waited for their faceless friend to arrive. The bus went cold, then he appeared next to the medium. Once again in his troubled voice he asked 'who am I?' The medium told him who he was and that he was dead and explained the cause of his death in detail. As the medium told him this, a twisted distortion which became a face appeared. The man smiled at the medium, gave a sigh and said 'Thank you'. He then slowly disappeared.

The man has never been seen on that bus since.

Donna, UK
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