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The McCanless Ghost

Kim Kincaid, NC, USA
May 2007

For several years I have worked at McCanless Golf Course in Salisbury, NC. My co-workers have, in the past made fun of me for reading ghost stories on my break and during lunch, that is until Grady McCanless decided to make his presences known!

Joe, the Superintendent at the time, had given me a hard time the night before the fun began. Joe came in early one morning and was the only person at the course, he walked back to the sink to wash his hands, as he stood there the scoops flew off the ice maker and hit him in the back. He turned to see who had thrown something at him, there was no one there. Needless to say he left the Pro-shop in a hurry and would not go back in it alone til the day he quit.

Another occasion I was in the office counting the days receipts, the doorknob turned as if some one was entering the room, the door slowly opened and there was no one there. I said loudly, "Give me about five minutes and you can have the place.", he got it too! After I told this story and of course got laughed at, the owner, the superintendent and the general manager were having a meeting in the same office when all of a sudden the doorknob turned, the door opened and there was no one there.

Things calmed down for a while then on a very hot day I was working behind the counter when I saw a shadowy figure coming down the stairs. The air conditioning had been going full blast, the figure came closer and I could hardly breathe. Suddenly the figure vanished. I would not come out from behind the counter because I was scared to death.
After about an hour it began to get hot, I still didn't move. Another hour past then a member of the club came in and was stating how hot it was so I told him to check the thermostat, it had been turned off!

Not long ago there was a group of men in the building, most of whom had made fun of me for my love of ghost stories, we all heard someone walking upstairs. Jim wanted to know who was up there, we all told him no one. He didn't believe us so he ran upstairs and searched the whole area. He found nothing, surprise, he came down saying he just knew there was someone up there but he found nothing. I could go on forever with the stories but I don't want to bore any one.
Oh! by the way the reason we have a ghost in our clubhouse, Grady McCanless, the former owner died in what we now call the TV room many years ago, he must be hanging around to keep an eye on us.

Kim Kincaid, NC, USA
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