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The Memory Remains

Matthew and Jaime, Missouri, USA
September 2002

Hello. My boyfriend Matt and I are here to tell you a very disturbing but true happening that we both witnessed with our own eyes one dark night in July 2002.

Lets start from the very beginning. Here goes...................

Matt told me this horrifying story a few months before the incident occured, a story that frightened me so badly I could barely sleep that night. I knew he was being honest because I could tell by the tone in his voice and the tears developing in his eyes, he sounded absolutely terrified as he related this story to me.

Two years ago to the very date almost, Matt was staying the night at his sisters house in between Union and Beaufort, MO. He was sleeping on the couch in the living room, right above him was a small window looking out into the backyard and the woods. Matt woke up at what he said was exactly 2:00 a.m to the sound of laughter in the backyard. Even with the window closed he could still tell it was definitely coming from the backyard. He sat up, confused, and looked out the window to see what the commotion was all about. He couldn't believe his eyes on what he was looking at.

Right out in the yard, only a few feet away from the woods were 6 little girls dancing around a tree in the yard, arms linked together. Thinking he was dreaming or just seeing things, he went back to sleep.

Half an hour later Matt awoke to the sound of sobbing, again coming from the back yard. Passing it off as his imagination from just awakening he tried to ignore it and started dozing off again. All of a sudden he heard a loud ear piercing scream coming from outside that made him jump to his feet and run to the back door. He opened it up and stepped outside and it was freezing cold, so cold he could see his breath. Note that it was in the middle of July and its very hot even at night here around that time of year.

Frightened he shut the door and walked back to the living room. A scratching at the front door then made him stop in his tracks. He went over and slowly opened the door. There standing in front of him was a little girl. He claimed she was wearing an old nightgown that was ripped and tattered all over. She was very pale and was just standing there, crying. Staring at her in awe, Matt couldn't believe what he seeing. She stood there crying for about a minute then started slowly walking backwards only to vanish into thin air. That was what happened to Matt.

Matts nephew who lives in the house didn't believe Matt when he told him the story. Until he had an experience of his own. The same thing I would witness myself later on.

His nephew (we'll call him Lee) was sleeping on the couch in the living room. This happened about a month after Matt had his experience. Lee woke up at exactly 2:00 a.m (the same time Matt did). He said he had a weird feeling that made him look out the window. Right there in one of the biggest and tallest trees in the woods (not far from the back yard) he saw what appeared to be a little girl hanging from the tree. Through the dusky light on the side of the house he could see her face and even the rope around her neck. He said he could even hear the sound of the rope swinging back and forth and the tree branch cracking. She was just hanging there with her mouth wide open and eyes locked onto his. (Lee said it looked like the girl was staring at him). Scared to death he ran back to his mom and dads room and sat there in the corner until morning.

The next day he went over to matts house. He nervously told Matt what happened to him, now he believed Matts story.

Lee told me the story and at first I have to admit I didn't believe him. (Even though I am not a skeptic). Because Lee was a little weird to me and I thought he was just making up stupid stories. Boy was I wrong..

A few nights later I went up to the house with Matt. He was showing me the backyard and where he saw those little girls. It started getting dark but we stayed until about 11:00 p.m. Right when we were leaving the backyard I was walking behind Matt. A strong feeling overcame me that made me look behind me ( I was practically alone in the backyard) I turned my head and what I saw froze me from my head to my feet. I looked up in that tree (the one Lee saw that girl in) And right there in one of the high branches, as plain as day was a little girl hanging in the tree. I was frozen with fear (literally) I could only stand there and stare in shock. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing this. I could see her clothes and they appeared to be what looked like a long nightgown with holes in them. One thing I can never forget is her eyes. They were just black and hollow looking. (like that of a skeleton). The rest of her face was very pale. I finally got the feeling back in my legs and was able to turn my head away from the terrifying sight. I ran into the front yard were Matt was talking to his sister. I grabbed his arm and pulled him aside and made it clear that I wanted to get out of there...and really fast. Matt got the message even though I didn't tell him right away what was wrong, and we got in the car and drove off. As we were driving past the woods (about half a mile away from the house) I noticed Matt was starting to speed up. I could see he was really upset, I asked what was the matter but he didn't answer. When we finally got home I made him tell me what was wrong back there. He started crying and told me that as he was driving near the woods he saw a bright flashing light that almost blinded him. He then said that he had a vision of an old man in a cabin, and he could see children there crying. Then he said he could see the old man grab each kid and kill them. Throughout this whole ordeal he told me he could still see the road in front of him and everything.

We were too scared to even go up near that place for a long time after the incident. At least I know that I'm not crazy because we went through it together. And it's something we could never ever forget. Thank you for taking your time reading this story. Goodbye.

Matthew and Jaime, Missouri, USA
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