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The Message

Nicki, Victoria, Australia
May 2002

Last weekend I went to the country (where there is no mobile reception at all) to visit with a couple of friends of mine, Gabby and Tammie. Gabby and I are very well tuned into the "Other Side" and thought we would show Tammie that communication with the Other Side is indeed possible.

Not too long after, the room went icy cold and I knew I had a presence sitting right next to me, I could also feel another near the back door and the third near Gabby. I knew she could tell where they all were as well. I knew who the presences were, and Tammie was feeling a little freaked out about the whole situation, although she did not entirely believe us.

Gabby asked out loud, for a direct message instead of the thumping on walls we were getting and the cold winds. As soon as she asked, her mobile phone started to beep a text message. *Remember at the start I mentioned that the area we were in had no mobile reception* Gabby read the message out loud and it said., "I heard you, Everything is ok, cold isn't?"

It had a return number but we could not ring back because of the reception problems, and Gabby could not send a text message back because of the same reason. We rang the return number back from Tammie's home phone and the number was not connected, there was no such number in other words.

I don't believe in coincidence and it's strange how we were all saying how cold it was inside and also Gabby asked "If he was ok?" That is how we got our specific message delivered to us, by text message. Weird, odd and hard to believe, but absolutely true.

Nicki, Victoria, Australia
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