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The Mind Is A Powerful Thing

December 2001

Ever since I could read I have bought and read ghost stories and stories about paranormal phenomena. My sisters always call me "the weird one" and never give weight to my true stories of seeing my deceased grandmother and other unexplainable things that have occurred in my lifetime. I am grateful to have found a web site where I can share my experiences with others who have come in contact with the spirit world in one way or another.

These true stories occurred between 1987 and 1999. Here are some of my experiences:

My younger sister and I were playing a game that involved the two of us holding two pencils together and balancing a third on top of the two. We proceeded to call upon the spirit of a little boy named "Timmy". He supposedly died a violent death and would show himself only if you balanced the pencils the correctly. We asked "Timmy" to announce his arrival with a sign. Right when we finished that sentence the alarm went off on my digital wristwatch. My sister and I screamed, threw the pencils in the air and ran out of the room. We never saw "Timmy", but he made sure we knew he was coming!

My mother is an avid church-goer and always asked me to go along with her. Soon, she began to beg me to go with her. I hated to see her this way, so I caved in to guilt and went once in a while. One time I went and became really bored, so I decided to play a game. I saw the communion tray (round with crackers in the middle and grape juice in cups around the side) being passed around and thought of a plan. 'Okay,' I thought, 'when the communion tray gets to the people in front of me the woman is going to drop it on her lap and get grape juice all over her.'Sure enough, the tray was passed to the woman and I heard her gasp followed by a loud "clink" sound. The tray had spilled a large amount of its contents on her and then it hit the floor. I proceeded to laugh and my mother hit my shoulder and told me to shut up.

I was driving home from work one night and was listening to a popular radio station. There was a contest that had just started. The DJ picked a card from a 52-card deck and told his listeners to guess the card. Without hesitation I mumbled "five of diamonds" to myself. After receiving about thirty calls the correct card was chosen by a listener...the five of diamonds!

I was visiting friends in Wyoming a couple years ago after nearly failing a semester in college and breaking up with my boyfriend. I had been very stressed out and went there for consolation. I was helping unload dishes from the washer one night when my "occurrence" happened. As I placed a glass on the shelf it exploded into small pieces. Luckily, I did not get cut, but there were hundreds of pieces of glass on the counter and the floor. My friend's mother and her sisters looked shocked and were dumbfounded. So was I!

Thank you for reading my true stories.

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