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The Miners Cabin

California, USA
March 1998

When I was about five years old my mother and I lived in a an old miners cabin that had been relocated from the San Dimas hills onto my grandparents property in a suburb of Los Angeles county. The cabin was over 100 years old. It only had three rooms (living, kitchen, and bathroom). We slept on a fold out bed. One evening at about 9:00 pm I woke to find that my mother had walked to my grandparents house which was only about 50 yard from ours. This was not uncommon as she and my father had just divorced the year before. My mother would sometimes go to my grandparents house to seek a little advice on living by herself and raising a child. So to me I felt safe being alone in house. A few minutes after waking up I heard what I thought was my mother coming in through the back door. She rarely did this so I sat up in bed to see what she was doing. As I sat up I realized that it was not my mother but an average height person wrapped in white gauze from head to toe, and missing it's right leg. I could see through the person to the door behind it. It had two large holes that looked like they had been cut out where the eyes should have been. It never looked my way it just walked straight to the bathroom, the light came on in the bathroom a few seconds then I heard some plumbing noises. That was the end of the sighting.

I told my mother when she got home that night. She told me that I had a vivid imagination. A few weeks later we moved into our own house. Twenty years later as I recall the story to my mother I find that she to has a vivid memory of unexplained going-ons in the cabin. To this day my grandmother remembers my mother discussing the uninvited house guest. I have an open mind about these thing now but I still have questions...........

California, USA
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