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The Miners Ghost

Angel Perez, AZ, USA
May 2004

In the years of 1994-1997 I was a miner, working at a gold mine at the Picacho peak mining company in Imperial County California. This mine sits 20 miles north of Yuma Arizona in the Cocolate Mountain range by the Colorado river. The mine site has been in operation on and off since the Spanish Conquistadors first set foot in the new world.

In the mid 1800's through the early 1900's the mine was again in operation where many miner's were killed in untimely deaths in mining accident's and murder. And it's here were I would become a big believer in the paranormal.

I was a heavy equipment operator working the graveyard shift (C shift). The shift began at 4.00pm and would end at 4.00am. After shift would end I would usually get relieved, clock out, head to the company van that would take us home and fall asleep. Well on this day I was unable to fall asleep right away. The only people awake in the van that drive home were the driver and me, the rest of the guys were asleep.

As the van exits the mine site we have to drive past a small graveyard of miner's that died here on the mine site over a hundred years ago. It was here that as we drove past that I saw a old time gold miner standing there with lantern in hand watching us as we drove past. I really couldn't believe what I was seeing as I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was really seeing him. I knew that it wasn't a co-worker out there because the little graveyard sits up top a wash, on its on little mesa with chain link fence surrounding it.

This miner watched us as we drove past and he had this look on his face as if he was saying "get off my claim". Well as the van finished passing the small graveyard the man just vanished. I mean he just vanished into thin air. I was beside myself because I really had never seen anything like that before. I didn't tell anyone in the van that day because I was a new employee to the company and I didn't want anyone to think I was a nut case.

Over the time I worked out there I would experience many more, and I mean many many more, unexplainable things that would just spook the s#%$%^ out of scooby doo. It wasn't only happening to me it was happening to co-workers as well.

Well I no longer work there. I've been gone from the mining company for a number of years. But whenever I have a chance to visit the mine or the surrounding area to hike or prospect I go with a friend or go during the day. Because when the sun starts to fall, the souls began to rise.

Angel Perez, AZ, USA
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