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The Mirror

Virginia, FL, USA
December 2004

This story is 100% true. My mother, sister, and I recently moved into a house on the western side of Florida. We were relieved that after looking for housing for so long that we came across this spacious house for such a reasonable price. Everything went smoothly and we moved in all of our belongings.

While my mother and I cleaned out the basement we found an antique mirror (we assumed it belonged to the tenant before us). My mother collects antiques so she loved the mirror and after dusting it off placed it on the wall in the long hallway, right in between mine and my sister's room.

The mirror has always given my sister and I the creeps since the first time we saw it. One night something strange woke me at around 2 was the voice of a man, he said "I'm watching you". Afraid, I jumped out of bed and ran to my sisters room (completely ignoring the mirror), only to find my sister awake with a terrified look on her face...she then explained that she had just heard the same thing. We both couldn't fall asleep till around 6 am when the sun came up.

Later that morning we had told my mother what we had experienced and she didn't believe a word of it. She assumed we were playing a prank on her.

From that night on my sister and I both agreed to sleep with our room doors open in case we needed to run into each others room.

That night my sister and I went to bed and turned the lights out...each of us with our doors wide open in case we heard this voice again. I still felt uneasy because of what happened the night before and I felt as if something was watching me. My attention was drawn to the mirror which I could see from my bed when the door is open. The lights in the hallway were off but for some reason I could see the mirror clearly, almost as if it was bright. I started to hear a tapping in the hallway coming from the mirror, my curiosity led me to walk to the mirror and confront whatever was I stood in front of it I got a cold chill, what I saw I could never find a logical explanation was the face of a an old man with a long gray beard and crazy look in his eye. He was smiling at me in a very devilish way. I ran into my sisters room screaming....this woke my mother up and she ran into the room to see if everything was okay. I told my mother what had happened and she said she had had enough of "our stories". She then decided to get rid of the mirror and she threw it away.

A few weeks later the nice woman who sold us the house came by to collect some of her old mail and see how we were fitting into the neighborhood. I couldn't help but ask her about the house's history and tell her what I saw. With much struggle she confessed that in the early 1960's the house belong to an older man who was rumored to be a pedophile and later was murder by an angry parent after their child went missing.

Till this day I believe he was calling my sister and I to the mirror to try to harm us.

Since we got rid of the mirror we've had no more problems.

Virginia, FL, USA
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