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The Moving Rug

Tennessee, USA
March 1999

Iwork at a cemetery and work all through the night quite often. Nothing all that strange has happened while at work. Lately though,strange things has been happening at home. I have a small rug with a 100+ lbs table sitting on it in my den. Lately every morning I wake up the rug is out from under it and laying against the wall. On Feb 6th of 99 I was awoken by what seemed to be someone breathing in my face.

More and more things seem to be happening. We hear footsteps in the house when we know we are all alone. My 10 year old son swears he has seen this lady on three or four different occasions. That I'm not sure of but I am sure of that stupid rug though. It has got to the point where my wife won't put it back under the table because by the morning it will be out and laying against the wall.

We don't hear things every night but the rug moves every night if put it back under the table. No, just in case your wondering, there's no way my son or my wife could lift the table of the rug on their own, it's much to heavy. I would love to explain how this happens but I'm sorry, I can't.

Your invited to come and see for yourself. I can't promise any sounds or a woman flying around the house but I'll assure you the rug will move if we put it there and leave the house for a few hours.

Tennessee, USA
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