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The Music Room (1)

Charlee, KY, USA
October 2015

It was the summer of 1992. I was 15, my oldest sister (Nikki) was 24 and my other sister (Michael) was getting ready to turn 19.

Nikki was a new wife and mother of an 8 month old little boy. She and her husband had decided to rent and old, yet beautiful house a few miles away from our parents. Tim, Nikki's husband worked nights so Michael and I stayed with her a lot as Nikki wasn't very comfortable in that big house alone.

The first strange thing we started to notice was that in one particular room, you could hear music playing. It was very low but you could definitely tell it was classical. Not your ordinary classical though. It was kind you would hear in old cartoons. It was fast and kind of all over the place. You couldn't ever hear this music in any other room though.

The next thing was in the bathroom. Now keep in mind this was in 1992 and we had one of the old school curling irons. It wasn't a push button, it had an actual off/on switch. Also it didn't automatically turn off after so long. If it was off, it was because you physically turned it off. However it you turned it on and left the bathroom for more than a few minutes. It would be turned off when you returned.

I had a recorder for just this occasion so we decided to see if we could capture anything. We left for a while with the recorder going in the "music" room. The bathroom just happen to be located just off that room as well. We returned and reviewed the tape but found nothing. We caught what sounded like movement, as if someone were just roaming around the house. Nothing we could document as being paranormal.

We got use to the music and the curling iron. Nothing seemed threatening and we were fine with co-existing.

One night Tim was gone to work. Nikki and I were in her room listening to music, laughing at my nephew jumping up and down in his crib trying to dance. Michael was in the living room watching tv. Dancing around and being silly, Nikki and I heard Michael calling for Nikki from the kitchen. We turned down the music and answered her.

"Someone is knocking on the front door" Michael exclaimed We ran to the window and pulls back the curtain and peered out onto the porch. You could see the porch and front door from one of the windows in Nikki's room.

"There is no one out there" yells Nikki

I picked up my nephew and we all gathered in the kitchen. Michael swore she heard a loud, solid, knock at the front door. Just then the door knob to the door in the kitchen started to turn back and forth, rapidly and aggressively.

Nikki whispered "I bet Tim got of work early and he is trying to scare this!"

She tip toed to the door and slowly grabbed the curtain. In one quick motion she jerked open the curtains. No one was there and the knob stopped turning.

We went through the house, made sure everything locked up, and eventually we all went to sleep in Nikki's room. Nothing like that had happened in a while but it was still a little creepy being there alone. So when my sister needed a baby sitter, I brought a friend with me. I spent the night before with my friend Kathy and in the morning her mother drove us to my sister's house. It was around 8am and my sister and her husband were running about trying to finish getting ready. My nephew was already awake so Kathy and I fed, bathed, and dressed him. My sister left soon after.

At noon I laid my nephew down for a nap. Kathy and I were ready for a nap as well. We stayed up late the night before and only slept a few hours before coming over to babysit. We lay down on Nikki's bed and fell asleep quickly. Around 1:30 we were startled awake by the front door slamming. Assuming it was Nikki and Tim we decided to pretend we were still asleep and when I tapped Kathy's arm we would sit up and scare them. Footsteps came through the living room, into the kitchen, through the "music" room, and into the room where we lay and stopped at the foot of the bed. I slowly opened one eye just enough to see which one was going to be the lucky one we scared. As I looked I saw no one and sat up quickly.

"Nobody is here Kathy" I said excitedly

Kathy sat up and looked around. I climbed of the bed and looks out a window to see if I could see their car in the drive, it was not there. We walked through the house checking every room, no body was there. I walked over to the front door, it was still locked. To say the least, we were freaked out.

A few months later my father had bought a car as a "fix up" project. There was a building next to the drive at Nikki's so after speaking with her, that is where my father decided to store his new toy. We had never been in the building before so we went to clean it up a little before my dad got there with the car. The previous tenants had left some belongings in there so we had to move a few things around to make room. One of the things I picked up was a box of records. They were all of classical music. Finding that a little ironic we took them inside and played them. It was the same music we could hear in that one bedroom.

We decided to talk to the owner and ask if she or any other tenants had experienced anything strange in the house. She said she hadn't but wasn't in there much. She also explained that no other tenant had brought it to her attention, we were the first. We knew it wasn't our imagination and then finding those records, there had to be more to it. We thanked her and turned to leave when she said " I don't know if you think this might have something to do with it but there have been deaths in the house."

We turned around quickly and asked her to explain. Once she had an elderly couple living in the house and the woman had passed away in the house. Another time a different elderly couple lived in the house when the man passes away. Both deaths were of natural causes.

Nikki continued to live there for another 2 years. We experienced thing quite often but got use to it. That house is still standing but no one has lived in it for quite sometime. No one except the two elderly people who were already living there when Nikki and Tim moved in.

Charlee, KY, USA
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