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The Naked Ghost

Daireya, NY, USA
April 2018

It happened when I was 4 years old. My mom and dad had gotten into a fight that night and the police drove me, my sister and my mother to my Aunt Martha's house, as requested by mother.

We were let out of the police car and walked towards the door in the back of the house, since that was the only door to gain entry of the house. My mother knocked on the door and me and my sister sat on a swing in the backyard, waiting for my aunt to open up. It was a summer night and the air was cool. As my aunt unlocked the door, my mother had told her what happened as we walked in, my mother and aunt allowing me and my sister to walk in. My sister was 2 at the time.

As me and my sister walked in, we noticed some roaches crawling on the walls, so we kept our bags that we had close to us. I looked at my mom and said "mommy, I have to pee!" crossing my legs and bouncing up and down. My aunt grabbed me by the hand and directed me towards the bathroom.

Her house was big so she had a bathroom upstairs, which had a tub and a toilet and sink, the usual bathroom and then she had a downstairs bathroom, which just had a sink and toilet but was very small. Her kitchen was in the basement for some strange reason, but that's besides the point.

My aunt was getting ready to close the bathroom as I said in exclamation "no, leave it open! Please!"

She rolled her eyes and left it open. I sat down on the toilet, humming and swinging my legs, finishing my girly business. As I wiped myself, flushed the toilet and walked towards the sink to wash my hands, which was near the door, I looked up at the top of the stairs and saw a naked ghost smiling at me with blood red eyes. I stepped back and as I stepped back, it kept looking at me, smiling, bending his finger back at himself saying, "Come here."

I screamed for my mother and when she got to the bathroom, I had told her what I saw. My aunt, being the grouchy old woman that she was, flicked the light on that led upstairs and said "there ain't nobody up there, girl!"

I stood there, holding my mother, panicking. When my aunt walked away, my mother looked down at me and said "I've seen him before too, that's why I never go upstairs." We only stayed there that night, and then the next morning we went back home. I was terrified of what I saw, that I begged my mother to never let us go there again.

Daireya, NY, USA
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