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The New House

August 2005

My husband and my two year old daughter moved into a brand new house in a brand new development of town. My husband traveled a lot, so it was just my daughter Josie and I for the first four years.

It started a few months after we moved in. My husband of course was traveling. I would wake every morning at 3:00am to feeling a presence in the room. On occasion I would sense an old woman in shadowy form sitting in the rocking chair in my alcove in the bedroom (the window coverings were all open to display the moonlight). I would try to convince myself that I was dreaming. One night however, I awoke again at 3:00 a.m. I always kept all these bright night lights on all over the house. Having a two year old you never know when they might get out of bed and need something. I see this little dog sitting on the floor beside my bed. I rub my eyes and the dog jumped up and ran down the hall a bit and sat down and looked at me. I am thinking, did I leave the door open sometime during the day and this dog has been hiding all this time. I get out of bed and go to follow the dog, keep in mind everything is brightly illuminated due to the night lights. I saw the dog run down the stairs into shadow..I followed and it just disappears! I looked all over the house, no dog, doors locked. I was so scared I could not go to sleep the rest of the night.

Another night, I awake again at 3:00 a.m. to something gently patting the covers around the whole outline of my body!!! I lay their frozen and as they reached the area of my feet, they gently gave one last pat and were gone! I was definitely not dreaming!

My daughter would frequently being playing in her well-lit playroom in the middle of the afternoon and all of a sudden let out these horrifying screams, I would run up to the room and she would be shaking saying there was a big black shape in her room! And the wierd part, a neighbor of mine who lived a few doors down, her daughter of the approximate same age would have exactly the same experience maybe a few hours later! Her daughter describing it as a big black witch.

When my husband would come home from his business trips we would on occasion have an arguement, always something would push him down the stairs, or push him out of bed during these arguments. He had never believed my stories until these things happened to him. Sometimes when we had an arguement, he would go to leave and a tire on his car in the locked garage would be flat. No nail, just the air let out!

My husband would stay up late and watch TV sometimes, he quit doing that as he said he would always see a shadowy presence float past the room out of the corner of his eye.

Like I said a neighbor of mine would experience the same things, except she had doors that would mysterious fling open on their own, laughing in the middle of the night. Furniture moving. She had house guests spending the night one weekend, it was too much for them, they left never to return.

We both have since moved, and my house has gone through three owners in the last two years. I have never asked why..for me, I don't understand, it was a brand new house! I however, never felt threatened, in a sense I felt this presence was protecting me.

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