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The Night At The Cabin

October 2004

This happened to me just over a little of a year ago, and I finally decided I would try to add it to this awesome site. Everything in this story is true, If you dont believe it, then you dont believe it. But to this day, I still wonder.

It was one Friday afternoon and my parents, out of the blue, asked me if I wanted to go up to our cabin with a few of my friends tomorrow. I guess, my parents wanted some alone time. I was so excited, and all of my friends parents agreed.

Now the cabin happens to be almost in the middle of nowhere, the nearest town is about 4 or 5 miles away. My Parents purchased it with some extra money a few years back. They purchased it from a man who seemed he wanted to get rid of it as fast as he could. My parents told me he looked rather spooked. My Parents checked it out, and agreed that it was in pretty nice condition for a 25 year old cabin. They stayed in it for a few nights, and my mom said that she always felt presences and cold breezes every now and then. She said one night, when my dad went off to go get some movies for them to watch, then she went into the bedroom and slept for a few minutes. She woke up and went into the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. As she was pouring it, she heard footsteps enter the house from upstairs. She heard walking around, and it sounded as though, whoever it was was walking in circles or something. My mom was concerned so she yelled, "Honey?" And then, the footsteps froze, and there was no more noises. She ran up stairs and looked around and saw nothing.

Now my father isn't one to play tricks, hes the last one I'd expect, same with my mom. It was winter time, so she inspected the floor for any melted snow or anything else. There was nothing. And when she looked outside the door, she saw only one track of footsteps that led to tire marks from my Dad. My dad came home a few minutes later, and my mom told him, but of course, he said she was probably just imagining it.

There was this other time, when my dad came upstairs to watch some TV after my mom fell asleep. He said he sat down and couldn't find the remote, he looked around the whole cabin for it. But when he came back, he saw it was on the arm rest, exactly where his arm was just moments ago.

Anyway, I didn't tell any of my friends about my mom and dad's experiences. They'd probably freak out and then wouldn't want to come.

Saturday came right around the corner, and next thing I knew, my dad was driving us up to the cabin with my 3 other friends. We were armed with lots of unhealthy food and snacks. My dad dropped us off and said, "Bye Summer, I'll be back tomorrow at around 3:00, now you all have fun!" And he drove off. Me and My Friends all picked our beds and started pigging out and watching some movies. It was around supper time when my friend Kayla asked me if I could make some supper. I threw some sandwiches together, and when I returned, all of the girls were gone. I knew they were hiding, so I started to search around. When I found them they were all freaked out for some reason. They all said that they saw something looking at them through the window. We were all scared then, so I locked all the doors and windows.

After a while, we forgot all about it, and then started watching a scary movie. When it was finished, we all decided it was time to sleep. We were all sleeping downstairs, and when it was around 2 in the morning, I heard something upstairs. Everyone but me was asleep. I was shaking because I thought it was a freak or burglar or something. I woke up one of my friends, and she just told me to go back to sleep. I was still shivering, hovering deep in the corner, but then, there was a huge knock and everyone woke up. We sat together for a few minutes, when we heard another huge knock. I built up enough strength to go upstairs and see what it was. When I went upstairs, all the lights were off as they were before. But the room felt very cold and I could see my breath as I was breathing. And then ... the whisper came, the whisper I will never ever forget, the few words that could have brought me to my feet. "Summer, I'm Cold, Is it over?" The whisper I heard made me flash around. I flew over to the wall and snapped on the light. There was nothing there at all, except I heard the loud knock again. One of my friends from downstairs yelled, "Summer! Are you okay?" I was too afraid to answer. I grabbed the nearest object and went behind the door. As I opened the door, I saw it was snowing outside. And when I looked down at the snow, there were no footprints. None that were fresh at least.

I yelled for my friends to come up, and when I turned back around. I saw it. It was right there in the softly patted snow. The words "I'm Cold", looked as though made seconds ago, were in the snow. You might have thought it was a prankster, but, there were absolutely no footprints around it. It was impossible for anyone to write it like that, and in that short of time. I heard my friend coming up from behind me, I turned to look at her, but when I turned back it was gone.

We all called my Dad, and he came about an hour later, pretty angry. He asked me why we had him come pick us up, but when I told him, he just laughed and said we wouldn't be staying back there in the cabin for awhile.

Believe it or not. Its all true. Thank you for reading!

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