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The Night at the Graveyard

North Carolina, USA
October 1997

One night I was out with my boyfriend and we were just driving around. It was a Tuesday night and because we live in a small town there wasn't anything to do. We stopped by his house for a few minutes and then we drove to a graveyard that is just about 2 minutes from his house. The graveyard is on a really big hill and the gravel road goes all the way around it in a circle. We parked a the very top right beside a bunch of woods. There was a big tree in the center of the graveyard so we got out and went to the tree and just talked for a while. I started feeling really strange, and I noticed he was acting strange. There was a truck that started to pull up the hill. We decided to leave. The truck backed all the way down the hill , and just kept going back and forth down the road. A truck finally parked at the bottom of the graveyard (I don't know whether it was the same one or not). We were still under the tree about to leave when we both heard a noise in the woods. It wasn't loud but we both turned to look. My boyfriend started acting really, really strange. When we got back to the car he made me get in on his side instead of my side (the side the woods were on). When we got down to the bottom of the hill and the truck was still there turning around. I remember my boyfriend cussing because he was taking so long. When the truck finally pulled out it drove right beside us and a really old man was driving. To me it was like it was in slow motion when he was passing us. The old man just looked straight ahead and wouldn't turn to look at us or anything. I remember his face really well. He had a weird expression on his face. I'll never ever forget his face. I can't explain it , but it was sort of pale and he looked really sad.

It was like my boyfriend changed for a little while whilst we were up there. After we left he started knocking over peoples mailboxes and destroying their property. Later on he returned back to his normal sweet self. After he dropped me off at my house he went home and called me. I started asking more questions about the graveyard. He wouldn't tell me hardly anything but I do know that a bunch of KKK members live around that graveyard and I know that my boyfriend drove up there one time while a black women was hanging from the tree we were under. I asked further about the truck we saw and he swears that there was no truck there when we were leaving. I know there was. I remember him getting mad and cussing at the driver! Why would I imagine that? I haven't had a chance to go back up there yet but I am going to. My boyfriend begs me not to. I know he knows what was in the woods. He even told me he did but he wont tell me what it is. I have to find out though. He said that if you waited under the tree long enough that it would come out and chances are that I wouldn't make it back. He said he's done it before and he showed me scars. He gets really mad when I bring the subject up and starts begging me not to go back there again.

I know he knows more than he is telling me, but I guess I'll have to have to find out for myself. One of my friends is going to go back up there next weekend and wait under the tree for as long as it takes. I HAVE TO KNOW THE SECRET TO THAT GRAVEYARD! EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!

North Carolina, USA
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