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The Night At The Wedding

Hayden, NC, USA
October 2012

My aunt Kelly was getting married this night in late August, so as any other family would do my mom, my little sister, my aunt’s friends, my great grandmother, and my grandmother were all in one room getting dressed for the wedding. She was having it at Green River Plantation, but at the time I was eight or nine so I did not know this place was haunted.

We were all in the room getting dressed and you know the hotel room door locks where the latch is on the wall and the lock is on the door? Well we were all getting dressed, my mother was doing my hair and I was facing the door when suddenly, out of nowhere, the door unlocks itself and just opens. A fan in the room was on so my mother blamed it on it because me and my sister were so young at the time.

Later on that day we got to take a tour of the Plantation, it had a upstairs of the house so we went up there and as I was going up the stairs something grabbed my foot and seemed to be sitting on my foot. I didn’t tell anyone because you know, I didn’t want them to think I was crazy. So the day goes on and my aunt gets married. We go to a after party and her friend is walking back and I am in front of her and no one is behind her and suddenly she yells, "Hey" and falls. She said someone pushed her, but no one was behind her.

Later that night at maybe eleven o’clock at night we all are getting in our car, me, my uncle, my mother, my father; my sister and I and my uncle get in the back of the car and as we pull off I stare at the house. When suddenly, the room that we had just left from, the window’s curtains opened and a spirit of some kind, too white to be a person, waved at me. To this day this story still comes to my mind every Halloween. I have never went back to the Plantation since.

Hayden, NC, USA
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