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The Night From Hell

March 2006

My parents built their 3rd home in a new subdivision North of Perth, Western Australia. There were a few instances which happened in the house which none of us remarked upon... that is until the night I call "from hell".

You see our couch would creek as if someone was putting their weight on it and the indent of a person occupying the chair would appear and I would constantly feel as if I was being watched. Day and night.

My sister mother and I shared similar nightmares which we only found out from each other by recounting our time at the house, mostly featuring dead babies and chanting creatures.

One night I went to bed feeling extremely on edge and lay awake for hours. Little did I know my older brother and sister were suffering from deep unexplained anxiety in their adjoining bedrooms. The next thing my sister let out a terrible scream, it sounded somewhat stifled and I was afraid to enter her room so I bolted for my brothers room, calling him. As I ran I felt icy fingers scratching at my back, it was not painful just cold, my brother ran from his room and into my sisters room to comfort her and at the same time my parents appeared woken up by all the screaming. My sister 21 at the time told me she had seen a black but transparent shape standing in her room, and then my brother said he felt it coming up the hall (which must have been when it was touching me).

Needless to say despite my siblings and my age we all slept on the floor of my parents room, so shaken where we and my brother and Dad checked the house thoroughly.

One thing is for certain we have never forgotten our night from hell and still discuss it to this very day wondering what on earth the cause of the ....whatever it was... was.

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