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The Night I'll Never Forget

Christy, OH, USA
January 2002

Hi! My name is Christy. I had a very interesting experience one night while baby sitting.

One day my Aunt Lori asked me to baby sit for her. I decided to and never expected what would happen next. About 10:00pm that night I put Corey into bed and sat down to watch Scary Movie on HBO. At about 12:00am Corey woke up screaming. When I ran in to see what was wrong I saw something white looking floating over his bed. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. Without thinking I ran over to his bed and grabbed him. The thing just sort of looked at me like it didn't want me to take him. As this was all happening I heard car tires squealing. As I looked outside to see what it was I saw bright lights coming through the guard rail. The car looked as if it were going to come right through the house but before it did it disappeared. I had totally forgotten about the spirit or whatever it was and when I looked back it was coming towards me. I got so scared I ran out to the living room and picked up the phone to call my aunt on her cell. But when I looked back the hallway the spirit was just standing in the doorway of the room. It was like it was afraid to come out of there. Then all of a sudden I got a cold feeling and it disappeared. I was really scared by then and finished dialing the number.

When my aunt got home about 15 minutes later I told her what happened and she told me that about twenty years ago a few teenagers got together and were racing at the top of the hill and one spun out of control and went through the guardrail and landed right there were the house sat. Once it landed it rolled about twenty yards and stopped. The two people in the car were killed instantly. Well that explained the car, but what about the spirit? She said that an old lady that lived there about five years ago died in that room after having a stroke.

I never went back into that house and now when I baby sit Corey I have her bring him to my house.

Well thanks for reading

Christy, OH, USA
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