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The Night I Came Home After Dark

Louisiana, USA
February 2000

One night, this past fall, I babysat my nieces and was driving home after dark. I usually drive home at that time. Everything was going fine. I pulled into my Mother's driveway. From her driveway you can see on the back screened in porch. She has a motion-sensored light on this porch. As I was making a half circle to back into my parking space, I happened to look at the porch. The light hadn't came on yet, but I could see because of the night light the power company supplies. Up on the porch, in front of the sliding glass windows, was a white figure of a woman with curly hair just like my Mother's hair. I thought it was odd that she was outside and the porch light hadn't came on yet. I really didn't think much of it. I thought maybe she had gotten some of her craft items and the light had gone out, it automatically goes out in 4 minutes if there is no more movement. I got out of the truck and walked to the porch door. When I got there, the light came on. There was no one there. When I got in the house I asked my Mother if she had been outside. Of course, she said she hadn't. The weirdest thing was she was sitting on the other side of the sliding glass window sewing. There was no way she could have made a shadow, the curtains are too thick. It was if the ghost was watching over my Mother until I got home.

I never was afraid of what I saw as a woman's figure. And, I never saw her again, even when I cam home after dark.

Louisiana, USA
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